St. Valentine's Day Massacre
February 9th, 2013
Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds
2900 Lake Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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Greetings and Well Met!
Class Schedule is Available!
CLASS Schedule is FULL!

Lady Jlona is still looking for people to teach Dance.
You can see the current Dance Classes & Ball List Here!

We will have need of several classes this year at Val Day. If you are interested in teaching, please contact THL Jahanara (

We can allow up to Three (3) tables for your class, however, if you do not *need* all three, please let us know in your email.

A&S Display

Please bring your A&S projects (finished & ongoing) to display. Due to lack of floor space items must be able to be set on a table (ie. no large pieces of furniture). We will have a small area for dress forms.

Documentation is appreciated but not necessary.
Download the Forms
Word File , PDF, Fillable PDF

A&S 50 display & Great Book
AS we do every year, the Great Book will be on display in the Auditorium. This year, it will be sharing its space with a Display of the A&S 50 Challenge.

This year ValDay continues its ongoing cooperative Outreach Project with Western Michigan University's Rare Book Room! This presentation is scheduled for 10:30-noon in Room A (the Auditorium). Cameras welcome.

Dr. Susan Steuer from WMU's Rare Book Room will be presenting a talk and show and tell on MEDIEVAL SEALS. She will be bringing samples of real seals on documents and a whole bunch of reproductions.

She will also have info on making your own seals and how to find more information on medieval seals. Most of it you can only find through academic libraries and the proprietary resources they purchase for use IN those libraries, so this is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about medieval seals, how they were used, and the GOOD resources out there on them.

Come join Dr. Steuer for this fascinating talk! Bring your questions on medieval seals or any other topic in medieval studies. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with a real Medieval Scholar and rare book Librarian.

Dr. Steuer will also gladly accept suggestions for future presentations!

Artisan Day Camps in Auditorium

This year Day Camps will be allowed in the Auditoruim if they are greared toward Arts & Sciences. The idea is to have some day camp areas that are more period, and where those in the area are showing off their craft. More information to come soon. There will be designated areas as we still have classes in the Auditorium. If you have questions you can contact the A&S Class Coordinator (Jahanara) or query at A&S Point on the day of the event. These areas are still first come, first serve, so letting us know ahead of time is a good idea.

Val Day Runway
Time to be determined, but will be before court.

To commemorate Val Day 40 in the Canton of Three Hills, Barony of Andelcrag,
Baroness Alaina is enticing you to wear your best for court!
It's Val Day after all!

More information...




Artisan Camps
Textile Guild
(Including several members from the Guild demonstraiging their many skills)

Japanese Tea & Gaming

(Lord Thorfin Solvarson demonstrates and talks about his craft, come and visit!)

Needlebinding with THL Arina

Hebridian Viking
(Classes on tokens, jewelry and more!)

Clanne MacEoghain
Norse Embroidery
(demonstrations on Norse decorative stitching)
Heian Japan
(Heian Classroom with Caligraphy, Tea, conversation, poetry and more!)

Lady Sarai Tindall
(Will have samples of hand sewn garment finishes, including button holes, eyelets, and garment hemming methods and would be happy to teach anyone that comes by, Handout with the stitches for people to take home.)

We will be needing volunteers to sit at A&S Point in the Auditorium thorughout the day. If you would like to help, please send Jahanara and email!

Once again there will be a Scroll Blank Challenge organized by THLord Ian the Green.
More information is here!