St. Valentine's Day Massacre
February 9th, 2013
Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds
2900 Lake Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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Val Day Runway
February 9, 2013
Time to be determined, but will be before court.

To commemorate Val Day 40 in the Canton of Three Hills, Barony of Andelcrag,
Baroness Alaina is enticing you to wear your best for court!
It's Val Day after all!

You've researched it, you've made it, you've bought it, you've accessorized it.


There are 1000 years of fashion that can be seen in one place. HOW COOL IS THAT!
This is your time to shine (PS if you don't get up from your seat I will come out and get you because it's not a competition, come off!!) J

Everyone should get a chance to twirl onstage/front of the stage, then walk the main aisle of the chairs.
Those with mobility issues are not required to climb the stairs (so please don't worry).
The entrant(s) may then go to their seat(s).
We are looking for individuals, families and groups. You can sign up online early, or at the event.

Everyone who participates will receive: a token of participation, AND a photo
of themselves/group/family in GARB by a photographer,
provided by generous contributions.
(Contributions of any dollar amount gladly accepted. Additional funds raised will go to the Andelcrag Baronial Travel Fund, look for the donation jar at Crown tourney lunch tavern and at Val Day, other events to be yet determined)

Look for all the current information on the Val Day website!

This is not a competition and there will be no judging, everyone’s a winner!!
Challenge yourself and your friends!

In Service Baroness Alaina Blackram