St. Valentine's Day Massacre
February 9th, 2013
Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds
2900 Lake Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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Shopping & Merchants
"The best shopping this side of Pennsic!"

Merchant Liasison
Mistress Siobhan O'Neill
(Judith Kirk)
Merchant Space is SOLD OUT!!

List of Merchants

Merchant Description Website
 Amber Fox  (amber, silver, and semi-precious gemstone jewelry)  
 Amber Hammer Creations   (jewelry in amber, jet, and other stones, sterling silver, games, scrying stuff)  
 Annika's Dungeon  (chainmail jewelry and leather goods)
 Bear Paw Arms  (crossbows and accessories)  
 Black Swan Inn (affordable feast gear, tablewares, jewelry, books, sundried)  
 By My Hand Designs, LLC  (pewter goods and casting supplies, books, yarns, jewelry, beads, etc.)  
 Caitlin's Cloaks (ladies and mens garb-cloaks, tunics, dresses, chemises, Middle Easter garb, accessories  
 Calontir Trim (trim, armor, decorative metal, twisted feastgear)
 Costume Ladies  (fabric)  
 Crimson Chain   (leather garments and accessories)  
 Darkblade Studios   (jewelry in amber, semi-precious stones, reprodution forest glass, porcelain, and sterling; celtic knotwork; Oberon designs; pewter barrettes)  
 Darkcraft Wandering Mercantile  (Leather belts, garments, leatherworking tools, and custom leather items)  
 Dragon Skin Leather Works   (leather goods, candy, belts, sarongs)  
 Field of Honour Armor  (waxed leather brigandine armor, chain mail armor, leather belts, shoulder sax)  
 NEW! Four Seasons Tentmasters  (Period tents, ropes, stakes, etc.)
 Griffinstone  (gargoyles, architectural elements, carved drinking and blowing horns)
 Halden Creations   (jewelry based on authentic designs)  
 Hedwig's Corner  (incense and accessories, stones, jewelry, statuary, wooden boxes, sarongs, etc.)  
 NEW! House of Chaos Productions  (beads, findings, pendants, stringing materials, patterns, pouches)
 Large Wooden Badger  (amber, pendants, gemstone beads, etc.)  
 Munitions Grade Arms  (rattan, helms, etc.)  
 Neverland Designs  (basic men and women's garb in medium to generous sizes and some accessories)
 Paternoster Ladies   (paternosters, rosaries, jewelry, headwear, pouches, beads, garb, fabric, misc)
 Pillaged Village  (trim, trimmings, accessories, feastgear, Middle Eastern jewelry, books, etc.)
 Time Traveling Traders  (amber jewelry)
 Ursula's Alcovee   (books, patterns, yarn and weaving supplies, handcrafted hats and accessories)
 Van's Chairs for Re-enactors, Inc  (wood folding chairs)
 Viking Archery Supply  (archery supplies: bows, arrows, quivers, bowstrings)
 Voluptuous Viking  (inexpensive garb for men, women and children)
 Wandering Wood  (Cookie presses, carved boxes and blaques, blank plywood shields, custom decorated heraldic displays) (Under Construction)
 What You Need is a Bead  (beads and stuff)  
 White Knight Arms   (blades, cloaks)  
 Woodbury Wares  (chainmail jewelry and accessories, wooden chairs and trestle tables)
 Woodmont Accessories   (belts, accessories)  

Notes for Merchants
NEW vendors must contact the merchant liaison about providing photographs of your merchandise and setup. RETURNING vendors do not need to submit photos unless your stock significantly changes (let's say about 30% change requires you contact me to ask whether or not you should send new pix).

All vendors must wear their best attempt at pre-17th century SCA-appropriate garb. Poking fun at the Valentine's Day theme of the event is perfectly acceptable. If you wish to wear a tunic, pants, or gown made in an acceptable SCA style, with hearts on it, that's fine. But please, no t-shirts and skirts, no goth wear, no fantasy garb, no fairy or butterfly wings, please make an attempt at SCA-era clothing. We will not provide garb, but you're welcome to purchase some that day from a fellow vendor.

If you're selling at an SCA event, please make an attempt to wear SCA-appropriate clothing. It's the ONLY corporate-level requirement to attend an SCA event.