St. Valentine's Day Massacre
February 9th, 2013
Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds
2900 Lake Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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Limited Personal Items - No Open Food Buffets
(Due to Site Rules, Health Department Rules and Fire Marshall Rules; please see link to Fighting for further information)

Fire Marshall Rules require set isle widths and clear space. Health Department Rules require no open or displayed food other than Tavern and Royalty Luncheon. Site Rules are requiring us to conform to the same usage as other events.

No loading or unloading through the main entrance of the expo center. This is a site rule. For fencers, please use entrances on either side of the main entrance. To unload for heaving fighting, go to the historic front entrance of the building.

Limited Personal Items means:

Allowed – Personal Chairs, food & drink in small coolers, small side tables, fight gear.
Not Allowed – pop-ups, camping items, benches, storage boxes, large tables, items not for personal use.

No Open Food means:

Allowed – Personal food & drinks kept in coolers & small containers until consumption.
Not Allowed – Open buffets left out for long periods of time to serve multiple people, tables of food for display or serving of large groups.

Areas near Fire Doors must be kept CLEAR:

Fire doors must be kept clear. All hallways and main walking areas between and through buildings must be kept free of stationary items for Fire Department access in an emergency. Please assist us by asking those who put items in these areas to locate to a new spot.


No Day Camps in the Hallways:

We are not allowed to have day-camps of ANY kind, in the new lobby area or any hallway leading to or through the various buildings. This is a fire marshal and facility issue.

Artisan Day Camps in Auditorium

This year Day Camps will be allowed in the Auditoruim if they are greared toward Arts & Sciences. The idea is to have some day camp areas that are more period, and where those in the area are showing off their craft. More information to come soon. There will be designated areas as we still have classes in the Auditorium. If you have questions you can contact the A&S Class Coordinator (Jahanara) or query at A&S Point on the day of the event. These areas are still first come, first serve.