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Here are some of the activities that members of our group are most involved in. This is by no means all encompassing, but a highlight of some areas that we focus on.

Textile Arts

In our marche we have several members who are experienced in the art of weaving and sewing. Not only do we sew clothing and armor, we also have some members that weave cloth on looms as well. Every second Tuesday of the months we have arts and sciences week where we usually have someone working on a textile craft. We are always willing to teach others what we have learned and help newcomers make garb.

Historical Cooking

The Marche of Three Towers is known for it's delicious food. Not only do we make good food, but we prepare foods the way they were prepared in Medieval times. We make use of spices that were utilized during the 7th to 17th century AD. We also like to teach how to preserve meats and brew beer and wines.

Cut and Thrust

Our marche is dedicated to learning historical fighting techniques. With the advent of increasingly attainable resources on the subject, historical fighting is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. There are several manuscripts from Europe, the Mideast, and Asia on techniques involving weapons, shields, and hand to hand combat. In the Marche of Three Towers we study both Italian and German styles as well as cutlass techniques. We are open to learning other styles, as well as teaching what we know to those who would like to learn. We regularly have Cut and Thrust practices every Friday after our arts and sciences and business meetings (second and fourth Tuesdays).