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How to Get Started

  1. Check out the website - Good on you! This website has the official information on meeting times and activities in the Marche. It sometimes gets a few days behind, though, so you should:
  2. Join the Yahoo group - The Three Towers Yahoo group is the primary method of communication in the Marche, and news will usually get posted here. Posting a message is also a good way to say hi and talk to people about your interests without driving all the way out to:
  3. Attend a meeting - We meet every Tuesday at 7pm at the St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Mansfield. A more detailed schedule and map are to the right, and the links below them lead to larger, easier to read and print versions. Meetings are free to attend, though a donation cup will be passed around. We don't usually wear our garb to meetings, so feel free to wear your regular clothes, although when there's a fifth Tuesday in a month we do dress up for a revel. At meetings we hang out, have a good time, and practice the arts, sciences and fighting skills that draw us to the Society. We'll teach you the crafts that interest you, and set you up with some basic loaner kit so you can:
  4. Attend an event - Events are where the magic of the SCA really happens. Scores or hundreds of people show up in period garb to take part in period activities from tournaments to dances to classes. Take in the sights, compete against other players, learn more about the crafts that interest you, eat a period feast, or just hang out and have a great time. Events do have a fee, which will usually come in the form of an entrance fee, an additional fee if you want to eat at feast, and a surcharge for people who are not paid members of the SCA. This surcharge is modest, but will be annoying if you come to a lot of events, which is why you will eventually want to:
  5. Become a member - A paid membership is not compulsory for basic SCA activities, but if you enjoy your time with us you will want to get one. A paid membership covers the non-member surcharge at events, allows you to fight in tournaments, and is required to hold an office within the Society.