Heavy Weapons







10:30 am

Armor inspections

11:00 am

Randin's Rampage Tournament

1. Each fighter starts with 5 coins.

2. Fighter starts with sword and shield.

3. When fighter has been "killed" go to table and tell the attendant how many coins you wish to use:

    a. One coin returns to fight "as is".

    b. Two coins can change fighting style if authorized; being caught requesting a style change and          not authorized means immediate disqualification and forfeiture of coins.

    c. Equipment malfunction equals a "death".


1. When down to the last 3 fighters there will be a 10 minute break.

2. Fighters may use any style.

3. Fight one on one by drawing straws for the first two, third enters on "death" of the first fighter or all three may fight at the same time.

**More Coins**

Pre-register = 1 coin

Two cans of food = 1 coin (max of 3 coins)

Initial Authorization (sword and shield) = 2 coins

New Authorization = 1 coin

Pick-up fights to follow Randin's Rampage

3:00 pm

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