Autocrats: Lord Johannes Rahl of the Fourth <Jon Cornell>

                                  Lady Annalyse Oakhallow of the Fourth <Missy Cornell>


Merchant Liaison : Lord Johannes Rahl of the Fourth

Feast Stewards:Lady Thomesette de Harfleur

                                                  Lady Adallisia de Porto Fino

Children's Activities:Lady Victoire Hillsmyer

Equestrian : Lady Dorathea Beasthealer

Heavy Weapons : Lord Randin Hillsmyer

Youth Marshal: TBA

Archery:Baroness Geniveve Rose

Thrown Weapons: Lady Kestral Altara vonBarton

Fencing:Warder Martyn Baxter

Arts and Sciences: Lady Sisildi de Orense 

Troll: Lady Isabelle of Leith


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