What in Samhain / Baronial A Day of Archery


Archery Schedule




Starts at 11:00

Will be firing into woods so bring arrows with brightly colored fletchings or arrows that if lost won't be cried over. Tournament will have a prize to be carried until the tournament next year.

Ends at 3:30



Childrens Archery Class 10:00am

Taught by Lord Thos Sylvester. Parent or approved guardian must be present with youth archer.

Childrens Range open at 10:30 am.

Parent or approved guardian must be present with youth archer at all times. Exceptions may be given to older, experianced youth archers at the Marshal's discression.

Range Open at 10:30am

CLASSES 11:00 to 3:30

12:30 Bow Inspections, the good the bad and the ugly Taught by Forrester Padraig

1:30 Feeding and Caring of Crossbows Taught by Forrester Padraig

If you are interested in teaching a class please contact Baroness GenRose


Royal Rounds: 2:30 to 3:30

Tourney at 3:30.

Tourney will have some fun shoots planned and three prizes.

Range Closes Approx 4:30pm

Archery MIT's are welcome and encouraged to come and help on the lines to obtain the signatures they are needing. Marshals are needed to help run the lines. If interested please contact Baroness GenRose at: proehre@gmail.com.

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We are organizing a silent auction for the Zion United Methodist Church food bank in Ionia. It's empty. As in they've had to close it a few times this month because they are completely out of everything. It's located at the church where we hold our monthly meetings and several of winter revels feasts have been prepared there as well. Some in our group also rely on this resource from time to time. Please help us help this group that helps so many in our community. We will be accepting non-perishable food items on their behalf as well.

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