What in Samhain / Baronial A Day of Archery


Heavy Weapons


6:00pm - authourizations and inspections

Dusk - Brag and Boast followed by Holmgang style, winner stays with wounds retained bear pit

Rules of the Friday Holmgang Bear Pit A six-foot diameter circle will be drawn on the ground. If a combatant sets both feet down outside the circle they lose the pass. The victor will retain any wounded limbs in their next fight. Double kills mean both combatants lose the pass and are out of the circle and go to the back of the line. The victor is responsible for telling the marshal of their victory. The fighting will continue as long as people want to continue fighting or until the marshal calls an end for the evening.


11am - Authorizations and Inspections, pick up fighting will be available

Noon break for lunch

2:30pm Brag and Boast, followed by winner stays bear pit with wounds retained.

Rules of the Saturday Bear Pit Wins from Friday Night's fighting will contribute to each fighter's tally for Saturday. Unlike Friday, their will not be a circle to fight in but list boundaries will be established for safety of the spectators. The victor stays bear pit format will continue with the victor retaining any wounded limbs and double kills treated as a loss for both and will go to the end of the line. As with Friday night, the victor will be responsible for informing the marshal of their victory. Fighting will continue until everyone's had enough or until 4pm strikes. Pauses in the fighting may be called at the marshal's discretion.

Prizes will be awarded to fighter with the most wins both days, and for the person deemed to have embraced the spirit of the contest the most either through bold speech for the Brag and Boast, during the tournament in calling out their victories, and their bearing on and off the field. The winner shall be determined by the marshal and several designated advisors (who may or may not be known to the contestants... The Kingdom Chronicler's spy network is vast and diverse.)

4pm List closes


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