Red Dragon

Journey the Silk and Spice Roads

Saturday, October 4th, 2014
9 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Camp Mary Orton
7925 N High St
Columbus OH 43235.

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There is ongoing construction on High street/Rt 23. Please follow any Camp Detour signs when coming from the south.

Site Fees:

Members $12; Children (6-12) $6; Under 5 yrs Free; Family Max. $35. Non-member fee +$5
Feast $12 (Limited to 90 seats)
Checks payable to SCA –Marche of Tirnewydd

Pre-Reg by Sept 22nd to:
Jack Needles
5624 Van Wert Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026
Please include sca and mundane names with your pre-reg.


Classes. Fencing, Heavy Weapons, Archery, Dancing, Children's activities.

Second Annual Period Day Camp Challenge!
It's back! Bring your day-camp set up to Red Dragon and compete in the day-camp challenge. The areas surrounding the armored list field have been set aside for period day-camps. Your set up will be reviewed for authenticity, aesthetics, and over all lack of modern materials/equipment. The day camp that most successfully hides modern equipment while maintaining an authentic look will be awarded a prize at the end of the day.

Volunteer shifts:
Retaining and Guard duty shifts:


9am Site Opens
11:30am - 1:30pm - Lunch Tavern
4:30pm pre-court Performance by i Verdi Confusi 5pm - ?? Court
6pm(ish) Feast
After Feast until 10:30pm Dancing
11pm Site closes


Heavy Weapons
Marshall in charge: Count Sir Cellach MacChormach
9am - 10am List opens for inspections
10am - 11am Authorizations
Gold List
Open all day for pick up fighting, Middle Kingdom Baronial Champions Tourney and deeds of arms
Silver List
11:00am Novice Tournament
11:45am Pole Axe Tournament
12:30pm 6 foot Spear Tournament
1:15pm Great Sword Tournament
2:00pm Two Weapon Tournament
2:45pm Weapon and Shield Tournament
3:30pm Unbelt Invitational Tournament
4:30pm List Closes

Open to all fighters who have been authorized 2 years or less, have never won an armored combat tournament, and do not have a Kingdom level fighting award (Red Company or higher)

Pole Axe
All weapons must have a head of some sort

6 foot Spear
Open to 6' spear or to 6' poles being used for stabbing only

Great Sword
Open to great swords or bastard swords

Two Weapons
Any combination of two weapons

Weapon and Shield
No restriction on weapon or shield size

Unbelt Invitational
Each knight present will be given two links to give to an unbelt they find worthy. Those who have been given links may enter the tournament

Marshall in charge: Warder Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr

9-10:30am Inspections, Authorizations, Pick-ups.

10:30am Card Tourney
Format is challenge, report wins to the list. Each participant gets a card from a deck, face down. On reporting a kill, the participant may as one yes or no question to determine the nature of their card. Upon guessing their card correctly, a participant will be issued a new card. The first participant to correctly guess three cards (or two, if the time runs short, to be determined at the RMIC's discretion) is the winner.

12-1pm Lunch Break, Mistress Gwyneth holds the field for her birthday.

1pm Sponsored Challenge Tourney
This tourney is in support of the Pennsic Scholarship Fund to assist fencers who, for financial reasons, would be otherwise unable to attend Pennsic and fight for the Dragon. Participants are requested to seek out sponsors before the tourney, to offer sponsorship on a per kill basis. For example, a sponsor might offer fifty cents or a dollar per kill. Participants may have more than one sponsor. The list mistress will record kills, and participants are responsible for seeking out their sponsor afterwards. The tourney format will be a 45 minute challenge tourney: fight as many people as you like as often as you like for 45 minutes, report kills to the list. Please note: Participants will still be allowed to fight without sponsorship. The person with the most kills is the overall winner, a prize will also be awarded to he person who collects the most in donations for the fund.

2pm Simple Double Elimination Tourney
Best of three, bring your best.

3-4:30pm Open List
4:30pm List Closes

Marshall in charge: HL Diccon de Reinport

10:00am Royal Rounds, Practice / Youth Balloon Shoot
12:00pm Lunch Break
1:00pm William Tell tournament / Youth Balloon Shoot
2:00pm Open List / Youth Wild Animal Hunt
3:00pm Open List / Youth Open List
4:00pm Lists Close

Thrown Weapons
Marshall in charge: Mikael ibn Mehlem al Uqlidsi

Youth Activities

Contact: Baron Gebhard Rauten

10am open
11 am make a gargoyle with Katayoun
12 am Dragon Egg Hunt! (I forgot this one)
1 pm pool noodles and hoops
2 pm family friendly dance
3 pm Nine Men's Morris Tournament
4 pm Something really fun


Contact: Honorable Lady Sarai Tindall

Greetings unto the Artisans of the North Oaken Region and the Kingdom of the Middle.

Red Dragon will be hosting this year's North Oaken Craftspersons' Faire. This is a great time to show off works in progress as well as completed items.
Last year we had an amazing turnout so if possible please email me in advance with what you are bringing so that I can arrange adequate space.
In Service,
THL Sarai Tindall

Time Class Space 1 Class Space 2 Class Space 3
10am-11am Introduction to Nalbindning Pointy hats and protocol Norse, Rus and Slavic Headdresses
11am-noon Painting and Drawing people in Illuminated Manuscripts St. Birgitta's Cap - Make and Take Medieval Architecture
noon-1pm Painting and Drawing people in Illuminated Manuscripts Cont. St. Birgitta's Cap - Make and Take Cont. Improv Theatre Games for Improving Your Character
1pm-2pm Basic Fiber Preparation and Spinning Quills, Reeds, & Inks - How to Make & Use Dance Class "Danse de Cleves"
2pm-3pm Basic Warp-faced Weaving (Inkle Weaving) Combat Archery for Beginners Wrapped clothing for men and women - the Sari and Dhoti and how to wrap them -
3pm-4pm Skully Bits: Skulls and skeletons in prayer beads Add Missile Weapons to your Melee Unit Without Losing the Shield Wall Beginning Recorder class
4pm-4:30pm Closed Closed Dance Competition "Danse de Cleves"

Name Class Title Class Description
Lord Aidan Tyrvason Combat Archery for Beginners This class will focus on the basic armor, weapons and ammunition needed, methods to acquire them, the role of the bow on battlefield versus other weapons, and training tips for new archers.
Lord Aidan Tyrvason Add Missile Weapons to your Melee Unit Without Losing the Shield Wall This class will focus on a method to add archers and siege engineers to any melee unit without taking people from the current Shieldwall. Instead of just shifting people around, learn some tricks to add new people and expand.
Lady Kateline Eliot Basic Fiber Preparation and Spinning There are several options for preparing your fiber to spin and for spinning it as well. This class will review the basics about fiber preparation and spinning on a spindle or a wheel. Participants will have the opportunity to see the differences between different kinds of fiber and use different tools and materials. Handouts with additional information will be available during class. Please feel free to bring any fiber preparation tools, spindles, or wheels that you would like to gain experience with. (Class limited to 10 active participants; auditing unlimited. Appropriate for children with a parent. Handouts provided.)
Lady Kateline Eliot Basic Warp-faced Weaving (Inkle Weaving) Warp-faced weaving is a technique used since ancient times from Scandinavia to South American to the Middle East. Easy to learn - inkle weaving creates beautiful pieces of work that are as simple or as complex as your imagination. This class will focus on basic techniques of creating a pattern, warping a loom, and weaving your first narrow wares. Participants are welcome to bring a loom (inkle loom, tape loom, box loom, small rigid heddle, belt loom) to practice on. An alternative method of weaving will be available to practice if you don't have a loom. (Class limited to 10 active participants; auditing unlimited. Appropriate for children with a parent. Handouts provided. $3 materials/handout fee)
Lady Brighid of Red Spears Painting and Drawing people in Illuminated Manuscripts This class will cover how to draw basic figures, fabric, and how to paint and shade skin and clothing. This is a hands-on class and no prior artistic experience is required. Basic materials including a caligraphy pen, paints, and paintbrushes included. Class fee includes color picture handout $10. Class limit 10.
Mistress Felice Debagge Dance Class "Danse de Cleves" The dance for this year's competition will be the relatively simple 15th century basse dance, "Danse de Cleves." This dance is low impact and will be taught during the day by Lady Ginevra Boscoli in a one-hour dance class.
Mistress Felice Debagge Dance Competition "Danse de Cleves" Dance competition for the "Danse de Cleves" class held at 1pm. The dance competition is hosted by His Excellency Sir Cellach. For more information, please contact Felice at felicedebbage(at)gmail(dot)com.
Lord Niccolò Bartolazzi Improv Theatre Games for Improving Your Character Come learn and play theatre games focused on the art of improvisation. Skills learned can be used to improve all kind of performance including theatre, bardic, music, and the portrayal of your persona in the SCA.
THL Sarai Tindall St. Birgitta's Cap - Make and Take Come make a simple linen coif appropriate for all classes of women from the 13-15th centuries. Recommended: knowledge of basic hand-sewing. Class handout and materials fee $3. Class limit 15.
THL Gunnar Sigurdson Medieval Architecture An overview of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Mannerist architecture.
Baroness Chandara Gamal Pointy hats and protocol The Middle Kingdom is BIG ON PROTOCOL! To many, the courtesies of the Middle Ages & Renaissance are an important part of "Living the Dream". Learn about the different types of crowns and how to properly address those who wear them; how to approach Royalty; what to do when you're called into Court; and much more!
THL Elizabethe Alles Skully Bits: Skulls and skeletons in prayer beads Lecture class on the use of skulls and skeletons in western European paternosters in the SCA period. Handout with lots of artifact images. $1 for handout
Lord Máel Mhuire mac Néill ua Cholmáin Quills, Reeds, & Inks - How to Make & Use Walk away with an authentic & functional medieval pen of your own making, and advice on inks and scribing. Materials for pens supplied; sample inks & functional writing desks available for use here. If time, we can try scribing authentically (but on paper), especially in uncial. (No birds, veal, or kids were harmed in the procurement of supplies...but some berries were squashed and fermented.) Class limit 6. Class fee TBD.
Lady Sarah Bella of Twoshires Wrapped clothing for men and women - the Sari and Dhoti and how to wrap them Come explore the clothing of the Indian Sub-continent. Hands on class, limited number of Saris to try or bring your own 6 yard piece of light weight fabric. Handouts available upon request.
Lady Evja Haerulfskona Introduction to Nålbindning Come learn one of the stitches used for Nalbinding. Hands on class. Minimal supplies provided, if you would like to bring your own, bring a plastic or bone darning needle with a fairly large eye and 100% wool yarn.
Lady Nest Bengrek Beginning Recorders class This hands-on workshop is for the aspiring recorder player, no prior experience is necessary.You do NOT need to know how to read music! I will have loaner sopranos available to play, but please bring your own instrument if you have one. You may purchase one of my instruments if you wish. Class handout will include fingering charts and some simple music we will learn in class. A small donation to offset costs would be appreciated.
THL Rannvæig Ørraärmr Eskilskona Norse, Rus and Slavic Headdresses Come learn and discuss the plausible and practical application of head wraps and headdresses in the Viking Era (8-10 th century) of Norse, Rus and Slavic personas.
Mistress Alina of Foxwood English on the Grass An assortment of English dances! Depending on what the dancers prefer, we can do ones from the set list at the evening's Red Dragon Ball, so class participants will be extra-prepared for the revels. We can also do other English dances, if desired. Youth are welcome to join us! 2pm Outside on the Grass, Near the Main Hall

Dance Mistress: Mistress Felice Debbage
Dance Schedule

Lunch Tavern

Sponsored by the Barony of Fenix

Richard's Hearty Potato Soup
Roast Beast Trenchers
(sliced meat saute'd w butter and sweet red onion
with Provolone or Swiss Cheese on Wheat Bun)

Baby Carrots, or Cut veggies
Piece of Fresh Fruit

Red Dragon Cake (Red Velvet)

Hot Spiced Apple Cider
Hot Chocolate
Cola /Diet Cola
Bottled Water

Feast Details

Head Cook: HL Aasa Sorensdottir

In keeping with the theme, this year's feast will feature dishes from the cuisines of Medieval Portugal and the sub-continent of India. Note- menu is subject to change based upon availability of ingredients

On the tables:- assorted fruits, almonds and cashews, raita, sliced limes, tamarind chutney, vinegar.

1st course- mixed appetizers: Galinha alardad: bacon-wrapped chicken bites, Ganvari: spicy marinated grilled shrimp, Pasteis de carne: pork pasties, Samosas of eggplant and pulses, Fried paneer (Indian cheese) in a spiced sauce

2nd course- the dishes of Portugal: Galihna mourisca: spiced chicken in an egg sauce, Fava Rica: favas in garlic vinaigrette, Cenoura com limao: lemon carrots, grilled sliced bread

3rd course-the dishes of India: Darka: spiced beef cooked in banana leaves, plain rice, rice with saffron, spices and nuts, a dish of chickpeas and millet, dig-i baghi: eggplant, gourd, pumpkin and lentils with dill, potherbs (mixed greens) sauteed with spices and ginger, chapati and/or naan flatbreads

4th course- mixed desserts: Mahshur Khir: rice pudding served with mango and toasted coconut, Pasteis de leite: milk pastries, comfits.

If it has meat, it isn't vegetarian. If it has a crust, it isn't GF.

Hall Steward: Mistress Gwyneth Banfhidhleir


Contact: Baroness Chandara Gamal

Limited merchant space available, no merchanting fee

Exile Leather - Mardi Gras masks, Halloween masks, Leather items & jewelry boxes

Giggling Wenches - Garb & accessories

Goode Cookys - Period cookies!

Munitions Grade Arms - Rattan, Thrusting Tips, Fiberglass Spears

North Star Armoury - Reproduction medieval armor and jewelry

Not So Ugly Duckling - Beaded jewelry and accessories

Scented Peacock - Historically accurate, luxurious, handmade soaps, perfumes, and beauty products

Wandering Wood Products - Carved and decorated wooden objects with a medieval flavor including Cookie Presses, Carved boxes, Carved Plaques, Blank plywood shield shapes and custom decorated heraldic displays

North Sea Trade - Feast gear, handmade jewelry, pouches, toys, etc.

By my hand designs - jewellery and dress accessories for historical re-enactors in pewter, bronze, and sterling silver for the historical period A. D. 500 to A. D. 1600 and beyond.

The Wandering Gypsy - handmade jewelry

Vogt Hand Crafts - armour, jewelry, dress accessories and spinning supplies

The Magic Carpet Kavehane, northern North Oaken's finest bardic Celtistani coffee house, will land at Red Dragon. The price of a cup of coffee or a sweet is still a song, a tale, a tune, or a dance


There is ongoing construction on High street/Rt 23 at I-270. We recommend approaching Camp Mary Orton from the north when possible. Please follow any Camp Detour signs if coming from the south.

Detour map


Honorable Lord Malaechi (Jack Needles)
5624 Van Wert Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026
614-219-9611 (before 10pm)

Royalty Liaison:

Baroness Katayoun Al-Aurvataspa

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