Once again the dark of the year has found us, and we celebrate the Yuletide with acts of bravery, courage, and glory. The Aesir watch with fervent desire, knowing that soon another rapier champion of the Barony of Red Spears shall be selected. All Valhalla waits in anticipation.



Unarmored Combat (Marshal in Charge: Ari ben Lazar)


8-9 Check-in and Authorizations

9-10:30 Bear Pit warm ups.

10:30-12 Phillip's planted foot tourney (open C/T)

12-1 Open list

1-2 Azriel's Tourney - The Floor is Lava.

2-4 Baronial Championship - All comers are welcome. Come fight our populous while they hold the field for the honor of being chosen the next Baronial Champion.



Armored Combat (Marshal in Charge: Hrothgar Varghoss-GreyWolf


Due to the success of last year. We are proud to again host a hólmganga.


Hróðgeirsfjörðs hólmganga  ~ Master Konrad Mailander

hólmgangulog (hólmgang rules)


Being that this hólmganga is occurring in winter a space will be cleared in the great hall and the hólmgangustadr will be marked out thus; A cloak of 5 alnir (approx. 8 ft.) will be secured to the ground, around this a boundary of ropes and höslur (wood posts) will be erected.

A man uses an unutterable word to another, "You are not a man's equal and not a man at heart."

The challenged shall answer, "I am as much a man as you."

Only the combatants may enter the hólmgangustadr.

Weapons that can be used are swords, axes, and short spears. Each man will be allowed three shields. (See below on losing shields.)


The challenged party throws the first blow. Combatants will then alternate throwing blows.

Combatants shall bear their own shields for “self's hand is best."

(When a shield has been struck three times it is considered destroyed. The combatant may continue using the same physical shield but when the “third” shield is lost they lose the use of a shield.)

The duel shall be fought to first blood (first good blow struck).

He whose blood falls on the cloak has lost.

If a combatant steps off the cloak he has lost.

If a combatant becomes unarmed he has lost.

The loser owes the victor ransom worth no more than three marks of silver.