Rapier Fighting


Marshal in Charge- Ari Ben Lazar

MKA: Seth Schwartz

Email: IsraelSeth@gmail.com

Rapier Tourney and Schedule

9AM:  List Opens for Authorizations and Pick-ups

11AM:  Team Bear Pit


  • Stay on the Raft
  • 2:2
  • Rotate new person 5 seconds after every kill
  • Report kills to list mistress

12:30 PM: Off Hand Perry Dice Tourney


  • Bring an unusual off hand perry device
  • Split to 4 Tables
  • Dice roll: 1) Single   2) Soft Perry  3) Unusual Table  4) Sheild Table  5) Stick Table  6) Choice of Style

2PM: Champions Tourney

  • Standard Round Robin

4PM: List Closes