Arts and Sciences



Once again it is time for the annual Red Spears Baroinial Arts and Sciences competition. The winner will be decided by populace vote.
Documentation not required, but it may help you get those last few beans.

This will be a populace Bean Count. However, the Bean Count is one factor in determining the A&S Champion. If you are selected by Their Excellencies to be their A&S Champion, you are expected to attend events (in and outside of the Barony), teach classes, and enter A&S displays and competitions.  Stay tuned for details about a face to face "interview" with Their Excellencies for all people whom wish to enter.  This also means you can perform a Bardic piece at that time for them if that is what you would like to enter.

The current A&S Champion is Lady Artemisia Voltera


A&S Classes


Liason Lady Kimiko

MKA: Kerry PMack

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 10 AM: Intro to Sewing by Lady Anna

Knots! by Ronan

Introducation to Pysanky by Pavasti

11am: Calligraphy 101 by Isibel

Intro to Weaving by Lady Christianna Weaver

Intro to Period Cooking by Mistress Helewyse

Intro to Leather Working by Lord Douglas MacFarlane

1PM: Intro to Period Games by Meister Konrad

Knitting 101 by Medhbh

Basic Chainmaille 101: Byzan tine Chain by Arnbjorn (2 hrs)

Intro to Music and the Harp by Lord Douglas MacFarlane

2 PM:  T-Tunic, Now What?  by Gwenllian

Sock Knitting Basics by Medhbh

Bardic Circle by Sally of Red Spears- Open Forum (2 hrs)

3 PM- Your First Scroll by Isibel 


Dance Track by Gianna Vettori

All are beginner courses, mixed bag of English, French, and Italian.

- 10A Mimed Bransles Dances: Washerwomans, Peas, Hermits, Clog, Horses, and Montarde.

- 11A Introduction to Allemandes Dances: Lorayne, Black, and Clifton Court.

- 1P Whose Partner Am I Anyway? Dances: Rufty Tufty, Heart's Ease, and Cuckolds all in a Row.

- 2P Introduction to 15c Italian - Dances: Petit Vriens, Petit Rose, Anello

- 3P Italian Dance for ECD Feet - Contrapasso en Due Dance: Contrapasso en Due. The class is taught as a beginner class, with basic English country dance calling.