Event Staff



Lady Artemisia Voltera
MKA: Melissa Harris
email: artemisiavoltera@gmail.com


Lady Avigayl Bat Avraham
MKA: Abby Schwartz
email: abbyrn1981@gmail.com

Feast Steward

Myriah Crimmins
email: Jmcrimmins@yahoo.com

Troll (Pre-Reg Here)

Lady Beatrix de Vezelay
MKA: Megan Pauwels
1813 Atwood Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43615
email: bea.vezel@gmail.com

Make Checks payable to SCA Inc - Canton of Hrothgeirsfjordr

Hall Steward

CapLlen Crede "Captain"

MKA: Alan Powers

Contact: 419-352-3139

Servers are expected to help set up hall and clean kitchen after feast.
Those interested should report to Captain at Yule Feast for specifics on when you will need to report and what is expected of you.

Rapier Marshal

Ari ben Lazar
MKA: Seth Schwartz
email: israelseth@gmail.com

Armored Combat Marshal

Abdul Ishkhan Al-Rashid

MKA: Frank Connor

Contact: Abdullah@redspears.org

A&S Class Coordinator

Lady Kimiko

MKA: Kerry PMac

Contact on Facebook

Merchant & Royalty Liason

THL Godfrey Thacker of Northumberland

MKA: Robert Wenzlaff
email: rwenzlaff@soylent-green.com 

Golden Camel Raffle

Genieve O'Connor

MKA Jen Connor

Contact: Jenconnor65@gmail.com


Zac Gilley and James Harris