Feast Steward: Muirenn ingen Ragnaill

MKA: Myriah Crimmins

Contact: Jmcrimmins@yahoo.com

13/14th Century German Feast

Starter: White and rye bread, sausages, cheese, and butter.

1st Course: Rosemary chicken, sauce of apples, herb tart, hard boiled eggs.

2nd Course: Pork roast with spiced wine sauce, green salad, cucumbers, tart of parsnips and carrots.

3rd Course: Strawberry tart, candied nuts.

Hall Steward: Llen Crede "Captain"

MKA: Alan Powers

Contact: 419-352-3139

Now actively recruiting servers


Lunch Board

Prepared by Grigorii Melnovich Radagozszchii

MKA: Gregory and Lillian Peth

Contact: grigorii@redspears.org or on Facebook

Will include choice of 3 soups, bread, and drink