Yule Feast Youth Coordinator - Artemisia Voltera: artemisiavoltera at gmail dot com


Youth Volunteering

Youth are always welcome to assist and help in a variety of areas. With TRM in attendance they could volunteer with an adult for guard duty or retaining. Depending on the ages, they also could assist with a variety of other areas including set up, tear down, serving, kitchen prep, etc. If you are interested in having your child volunteer and are unsure of whom to contact for an area, please contact: artemisiavoltera at gmail dot com



Please see classes below located in the Youth area. Also, unless a class specifies an age limit, please feel free to have your youth accompany you to class to learn/create.


Youth Point:

Located in Classroom 4 (this is located on the floor above where you entered)


If anyone can help in Youth Point, please contact Artemisia to be added to the schedule. Thank you!


Youth point will be open at yule! Many fun activities planned as follows (but subject to possible changes)


 9:45 - Youth Point opens

10:00 - Basics of Heraldry

11:00 - Stick Weaving

12:00 - Youth Point closed for lunch

 1:00 - Dancing

 1:30 - Story Circle

 2:00 - Decorating Goblets for Feast

 3:00 - Catapult Building

 4:30 - Youth Point Closes