Come spend the Yule with us as we celebrate the end of the year.

Site and Troll open at 9am

Site closes at 10pm


Site fees: Donation only.

Lunch: $5

Feast: $10

There is no Pre-Reg for this event.


Lunch Tavern (11am - 1pm)

Lunch includes Beef Stew or Potato Soup, Bread, Fruit of choice, sugar cookie, and drink of choice

(bring own drinking vessel).


Event Steward:

Dante Conciapelli da Firenze

email:  dante_da_firenze {at} yahoo {dot} com

December 12, 2015



We are located at:

Park Congregational Church

1456 Harvard Blvd, Toledo, OH 43614

Due to space, Day Camps will not be allowed.