Once again it is time for the annual Red Spears Baroinial Arts and Sciences competition. The winner will be decided by populace vote.
Documentation not required, but it may help you get those last few beans.

The winner will be named the Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion for the upcoming year.
The current A&S Champion is Lady Gwenllian verch Rhydderich Annwyl


Annoucing the OFFICAL Baron's A&S Challenge for Yule Feast. This will be an additional A&S competition for Yulefeast.
It will NOT take the place of the Baronial A&S Championships.

Here are the Rules:

1: The primary materials for you project must not cost more than $20 and must come from a thrift store or a second hand store.

2: Construction materials (i.e. thread, glue.. things that hold/put the project together) do not falll under rule #1.

3: The competition will be judged by me (Baron Raffaele) at Yulefeast. It will be judged from 10' away.

4: The Baron will provide the prize. :)

If you have a class you'd like to teach, please contact the A&S Class Coordinator

Click Here for the Full Schedule

Current Class Offerings:

Beginning Beading

The Lady Licia Desolari
Limit 6
1 hour

Each student will go home with a handout, needle/thread, and enough beads to finish their project- a belt favor of their choice.

Must be 12+ years old, or have mom/dad, or older brother/sister with the entire class.

Basic Sewing

THL Anna Mailander
1 Hour

Intro and basic embroidery stitches.

Medieval Spa Day

Lady Ketta
Class Limit 12
1 hour

Immerse yourself in the luxury and beauty of the medieval era. Learn about AND PLAY WITH some special cosmetics of the day. Bring yourself and a friend and prepare to be pampered-medieval style

Channukah in the Middle Ages

Avygayl Bat Avraham
1 hour

Retelling of the story of Chuannukah and a comparative study on the differences in traditions during the Middle Ages and today. Followed by various dreidel games.

Japanese Tea Gaming and History

Lady Kimiko
Class Limit, Tea enough for 10, Room for 15

Cost: None, but please bring a cup to drink from and some small item to donate to the gaming pool. Items do NOT have be Asian themed, but should be a fun, personal token. I item per round (plan 2-3 rounds, time permitting)

In the Momoyama period of Japan, tea was wildly popular as a social tool and a source of entertainment. This class will touch on the social dynamics that tea played in entertainment and then go into teaching gaming.

There will be 2-3 rounds of tea gaming in this class. As always, there will be lots of tea to drink and sample with natural honey provided as sweetener.

FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: Real loose leaf tea that feature herbal and fruit blends, and honey will be served. If you have any allergies to such foods, please refrain yourself to observing and smelling teas.

Bardic English Coffee House

mka: Dwight Miller

Come, Sit, Stay awhile! Enjoy a song, a tale, even some refreshments- if you pay in Bardic Style!

Tell a story or play an instrument to earn a tasty treat, or simply sit and enjoy the company of new and old friends

This is more of an informal gather over the course of 3 hours than a class. Feel free to come and go.

Kumihimo: A Discussion of Weights and Tensions

Lady Onora Suddern
1 hour

This class will offer a demonstration of Kumihimo braiding on the Marudai and handloom. The discussion will center around the textures achieved using different weights and counter weights, and how to achieve different effects.

NOT A BEGINNING CLASS, but assistance will be given to participants who bring their own looms and supplies.

Adults Only Please

Hakama and Kosode: Using Modern Kimono Fabric to Make a Period Japanese Garment

Lady Onora Suddern
1 Hour

This class will give a brief history of Japanse garb and how it compares to moder Kimono Techniques on how to deconstruct a modern Kimono and turn it into a Hakama and Kosode will be outlined.

Hand outs Available

No Charge

Adults Only Please

Medieval History and Trade Routes of Spices

Lord Nathaniel Garret the Confused
1 hour

A short history of spices, their use, and trading of the middle ages, concentrating on Europe and the trade routes of Middle and Far East.

No Charge, but if you have exotic spices, please bring to share with the class

Dance Classes:

Lady Gianna Vettori

Mimed Bransles - Explore a collection of bransles (pronounced brawls) from Arbeau including Washerwoman's, Clog/Shoe, Pease, and Horses. Basic ECD steps will be taught. Beginner.
1 Hour - No Charge

Whose Partner Am I Anyways? - Why choose one when you can dance with both! Learn three fun, flirty, and/or fickle four-person Playford Dances including Rufty Tufty, Heart's Ease, and Cuckolds All in A Row. Basic ECD steps will be reviewed. Beginner+.
1 Hour - No Charge

A Dance for Lovers: Contrapasso en Due - A flirtatious and elegant dance by Caroso for couples. Basic knowledge of Italian dance steps is helpful, but not required. (The class will use primarily English terminology.) Beginner++/Intermediate.

1 Hour - No Charge

Pouncing: Cheating In History

HL Brian O'hUilliam
1 hour

Drawing not your strong suit? Ever see an illumination in a manuscript and think "I could never do that!"? Worry no more! Learn how scribes in period would copy images from one document to another using simple techniques and easily available tools. Useful for a variety of arts, but this class will emphasize the scribal aspect. A class for artisans of all skill levels.

Size Limit: None

Cost: None

Introduction to mead making (hands on)

Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad

1 hour

Join us as we discuss period and modern methods and equipment necessary to make a mead. We will also be setting up a gallon of mead during the class. Some previously brewed meads will be available to for tasting and discussion.

Size Limit: 15

Cost: None

Please bring a mug or drinking vessel

Beginners Greek Mythology

Grace Crimmins
1 Hour

Highlighting the beginnings of the 15 major gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Explain each ones purpose.

Cost: None