If you have questions about the Rapier combat, please contact the Rapier Marshal

9a-10a inspections and authorizations

10a-11a winners bear pit

11a-2p lunch break / rapier classes (keep your armor on!) to take place with a "Show Us Your Best Moves (AKA Dirty Tricks)" class at the end


Use of Cloak as Parry Device, Warder Captain Craidd

Analyzing a fight (live), Zatarra Dragonetti

Longsword / Cut & Thrust, Giles fitz Alan

2p-? Baronial Champion dice tourney:

Two D6 rolled by Her Excellency will determine your weapons

Roll a 2 - loss of a limb (limb determined by a Twister spinner). The die is rolled again to determine your weapons.

3 - case of dagger

4 - cloak and dagger

5 - dagger and shield

6 - sword and shield

7 - single rapier

8 - sword and cloak

9 - sword and cane

10 - sward and dagger

11 - case of rapiers

12 - you get a second person, of your choosing, to fight with you. You both roll to determine your weapons. Should you die in combat, your opponent retains wounds and your second steps in to fight in your place.

End of tourney-4p - pick-ups

List closes at 4:00