Subject to change

8:00 AM
Site opens for setup
9:00 AM

Site opens to public, please keep parking spots near the doors open for the elderly and disabled.
Rapier / Armored Combat opens for auths and inspections

10:00 AM
A&S Classes Begin / Rapier Bear Pit Tourney
11:00 AM
Combat Begins!

Sideboard Lunch / Armored Combat Tourney
12:30 PM
Rapier classes, Baronial Rapier Championship to follow
4:00 PM
Rapier list closes - White Elephant Raffle Closes
4:30 PM
White Elephant Raffle Annoucement (gather at feast tables)
5:00 PM
Court (in the gymnasium)
6:00 PM
Feast Begins
10:00 PM
Site Closes