2015 Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night – A Medieval Bestiary

Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night – A Medieval Bestiary

January 17, 2015

St. John’s Lutheran Church and School
4939 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641-1525

Site opens at 9am and closes at 10pm

  • Site Fee: Pre Reg  Adults $10 Children 6 to 13 $5 Children under 6 free Feast is $12. At the Door Adults $12 Children 6 to 13 $6
  • (Must show proof of membership to avoid surcharge, bring blue cards.)
  • Due to new kingdom law, everyone must sign in at gate.  Gate will close at 3:30pm
  • Breakfast will be available
  • Acceps coming soon


A&S Activities



Monster Bowling




Youth Activities

Event Stewards: Ignatz (Ken Small, llamsnek at gmail dot com) and Matilda Anne Stevyn Slyfield (Grace Strauss,  ace711 at sbcglobal dot com)

Bardic Info

Bardic Circle–
Bardic invitation–I, Lady Margrett Norwoode, hereby invite all those of the bardic persuasion as well as all those who enjoy bardic performance to join me for the bardic circle at Tree-Girt-Sea’s Twelfth Night from 8pm to 10pm in the music room.
This will be a play, pick or pass format–we will go around the room in turn and each person will either perform or ask someone else to perform something–or can pass his/her turn at any time. There is no obligation to perform with this format so those who appreciate performance can come to listen as well.
The moderator especially loves historically informed performance but welcomes filk, original music, spoken word or any other bardic expression chosen by the performers.

Royal Service

Greetings travelers from the Royalty Liaison of Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night.

We are seeking retainers for Their Royal Majesties and Highnesses at the event as well as Guards for the Royalty Room throughout the day.

If you are new to Retaining this is perfectly fine, we will pair you with an experienced person who can help you to learn the ropes.

Equally important is the guarding of the Royal Chambers to secure those spaces. No experience is necessary.

I encourage you to show us your inner Dragon and let it shine through your service to the Dragon Throne.

Please visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1c4ej_8pDEwGgUNLd_d8OFo3NRsQW_BdlnxCjhVYG988/viewform to fill out the short simple form to submit your name to the list of those who will serve.

Draco Invictus!

THL Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen, O.D.H., A.P.F.

Royalty Liaison for Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night – L’Arte dell’ Italia


12th Night 2014 – Merchants

If you are interested in being a merchant at this event please contact:

Merchant Coordinator:
Mistress Juliana Peri da Novellara
mka Julia Needlman
julianeedlman AT sbcglobal DOT net

Merchants Attending

Celtic Sun

North Star Armoury

Calontir Trim

Traditional Treasures

Viking Archery Supply

Hearth Stone Arts

Silver Jewelry


12th Night 2014 – Classes

Please contact the Class Coordinator list below if you are interested in teaching.  All teachers welcome.
Lord Dunstan Bramblette, mka Rob Hicks, darclan28 AT yahoo DOT com

List of Classes Below:


Fighting for beginners – If you have ever wanted to get into fighting or wanted to learn what it takes to start fighting,and wanted to ask the hard question of what it takes to get started? This is the class to ask those hard questions! Class is one hour long. Taught by: Lord Octavian Athanaciou of Constantinople

Bidding the Bedes: An Introduction to Paternosters – In the 13th -16th centuries in western Europe,prayer beads were an ubiquitous accessory. This class discusses the history and development of the paternoster, as well as providing information on making your own replica. Students will leave class with a finished paternoster. Age requirements: No specific age requirement – youth must be able to use scissors, needle, and thread without supervision.  I will have 12 kits available for $5 each, but auditors are welcome.  Taught by:  THL Elizabethe Alles


Happy Japanese Games – Description: Three leisure games of Medieval Japan are discussed. Reproductions of each game will be presented and available to play during class. May not be appropriate for small children; some game pieces can be a choking hazard. Length: 1:30-2 Hr. Kitsune Yamamura


Patterning the Grande Assiette Sleeve – The class is one hour long and will cover examples of extant garments featuring the grande assiette sleeve and a how to on creating your own pattern. No class limit, but only 15 handouts. Taught by: Lady Sarai Tindall

Introduction to Entering and Judging A&S Faires – This class will cover the basics of entering and judging the official A&S Faires that occur each spring. Topics include how to enter, some tips on writing documentation and displaying your entry, and tips on effective judging without leaving the entrant in tears. The class will also touch on other venues to display your work. Taught by: THL Gunnarr Alfljot, Midlands Regional MOAS.


Training, Preparing, and Fighting in Tournaments – Taught by His Majesty Cellach


Voice Care for Early Music singers
- Following a brief overview of early music repertoire, we’ll go over important breathing exercises, warm-ups, and tips for general care and maintenance. This class is ideal for singers, readers, speakers, or anyone who just wants to learn how to increase their vocal power. Knowing how to read music or even carry a tune is not necessary for this class. Class will be taught by Megge O’Sullivan from the Ashlands, who received a B.A. in Music (Voice) from the mundane University of Denver, with special guest breathing expert Katerina of Tree-Girt-Sea, both members of the Pippins, an award-winning Madrigral chorus. Entire class will probably last less than 40 minutes.

Kosode Construction
- Description: An essential garment in every Nihonjin wardrobe! We’ll discuss construction of this robe, based on a museum example from the Muromachi period. The predecessor to the kimono, the kosode was worn by both men and women throughout most of Japanese history. Visual garment examples will be presented, along with a review of the garment construction handout given during the class. Time will be Donation for materials appreciated. Length: 1:30-2 Hr. Taught by: Kitsune Yamamura



The Bastoncello of Fiore dei Liberi.
Fiore dei Liberi, dating about 1400 AD, is the earliest known Italian master of arms who has passed down his system of fighting in writing to us. In one set of plays he teaches the use of the bastoncello, a short baton carried as a military symbol of rank, for self defense. Participants in this class will learn the plays that Fiore has left us as interpreted by Baron AElfred. Participants should bring a wooden dowel rod of 3/4 to one inch diameter cut to 18 inches in length and protective eye wear such as shop glasses or equivalent. The instructor will have a limited number of loaners. Taught by: Baron AElfred of Chester

Grooming Medieval Style - Want to enhance your SCA experience? Consider period grooming products. This two hour class will take you through the basic grooming routine for folks in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. You will also learn about some common beauty treatments. This class is limited to 12 gentles. You will receive a hand-out with recipes, a shopping guide, and samples of many of the products that we discuss. Taught by: Lady Heodez Sofonisba de Talento Minotto


Research 101 (or what to do when Wikipedia doesn’t answer all your questions)
Class is one hour long. Taught by: Elaine Ragland Belancourt


12th Night 2014 – Staff

Event Steward:
Lady Matilda Anne Stevyn Slyfield
mka Grace Strauss
ace711 AT sbcglobal DOT net
Deputy Steward:
Master Hal Raeburn
mka Gary Link
halraeburn AT hotmail DOT com
Lord Kevin Ambrozijwski
mka Kevin Purtell
krpurtell AT yahoo DOT com
Head Cook:
Mistress Helewyse De Birkestad
mka Louise Smithson
helewyse AT yahoo DOT com
Class Coordinator:
Lord Dunstan Bramblette
mka Rob Hicks
darclan28 AT yahoo DOT com
Merchant Coordinator:
Mistress Juliana Peri da Novellara
mka Julia Needlman
julianeedlman AT sbcglobal DOT net
A&S Coordinator:
Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza
mka Jen Small
jenrsmall AT yahoo DOT com
Crash Space Coordinator:
Baroness Nadezda ze Zastrizl
mka Merril Miller
nadezda AT merrilmiller DOT com
Youth Coordinator:
Master Christian Fornier
mka James Klock
cf AT klocktower DOT org
Bardic Coordinator:
Lady Margrett Norwoode
mka Kerri-Ellen Kelly
mistressmargrett AT ameritech DOT net
Lunch Coordinator:  

Lady Bojei Timur
mka Kate Bercaw-Hartl
kateslists at comcast dot net

Royal Liason:
THL Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen
mka Ash Miller
gmiller77 AT ymail DOT com


12th Night 2014 – Ball

Dance Instructor –  Lord Dunstan Bramblette aka Rob Hicks  darclan28 at yahoo dot com

Dance Sets
Set 1
Carolingian or Belle Qui Pavane
Jenny Pluck Pears
Rufty Tufty
Black Alman
Heralds in Love

Set 2
Rostiboli Gioioso
Petite Vriens
Gracca Amorosa

Set 3
Horse Bransle
Montarde Branle
Official Bransle
Pease Bransle

Set 4
Sellengers Round
Upon a Summer’s Day
Hearts Ease
Gathering Peascods

Set 5: Bonus Italian set  if there is time
Ballo Del Fiore
Saltarello La Regina
Bella Gioiosa

12th Night 2014 – Lunch

Lunch Coordinator:  Lady Bojei Timur aka Kate Bercaw-Hartl  kateslist at comcast dot net

Lunch is a choice of three pies, a vegetable, and a sweet, and a drink.  Cost is $5.00

The pie choices are:

  • Saveloy sausage (pork, parmesan, saffron, cinnamon, salt and pepper), artichokes, mushrooms, raisins, verjuice, and eggs
  • Chickens, almonds, pinenuts, dates, cheese, apple juice, sugar, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, salt, and eggs
  • Cauliflower, mozzarella and assorted cheeses, mint, marjoram, cinnamon, clove, sugar, salt, pepper, and eggs [vegetarian]
  • Pie crusts are flour, salt, shortening, and water. There will be a limited number of crustless pies: crustless pies will also have butter.)

The vegetable is your choice of:

  • cabbage with garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  • peas with butter, garlic, parsley, orange juice, and vegetable broth

The sweet is fruit or ricotta cheesecake (ricotta, ginger, apple juice, pinenuts, sugar, and egg whites plus crust.)

Recipes were taken from the Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi and then tested by Bojei Temur , Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza, and the Areyton Cooks Guild.

12th Night 2014 – Craftspersons Faire & Laurel Prize Tourney

We are pleased to announce that we will once again have a Craftspersons Display and Laurel Prize Tourney at the Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night, January 18 2014.  Here’s how it works.

Setup starts at 10am

Laurel viewing and judging from 12:00 to 2:00pm

Performances for the Laurel Prize Tourney at 2:00pm in the Music Room

Pick up all Craftspersons’ Faire entries by 4pm

Concert 4:30pm in Church

Craftspersons Faire

How do I enter? Send a message to Mistress Gianetta (address below) before the event, letting her know the kind of display and how much space you need.  If it’s a performance, tell her that too.  We will be happy to have people show up on the day of the event to display as well, but providing advance notice ensures that we’ll have enough space and time for you.

What may I enter? You can bring finished works or works in progress. You can bring one thing, a whole display, or a body of work to show off. You can bring documentation or not.  This is an open-ended faire for you to display the work you’re proud of!

What about performances? Last year we had a challenge finding a good time and space for performances, but we are determined to show off the performers of the Midrealm!  Never fear, we will make sure there is a special concert/performance time for you.  We will have the Music Room available for a concert time.  We will make sure there are special prizes for the performers as well.

Laurel Prize Tourney

Laurels will sponsor specific challenges and award prizes for those who fulfill their challenges.  Laurels may also give prizes for general excellence that they see.  We will also have event-based prizes.  Pending approval of whatever dignitaries are holding court, we will call up the winners to receive their prizes in Court as well, so all can witness your achievements.  The list of challenges and prizes is below.  We will add to it as more challenges arrive.  Laurels – contact Gianetta (address below) if you want to offer a challenge and prize!


Populace Bean Count Winner. Sponsored by Tree-Girt-Sea. Everyone visiting the Faire gets 10 beans to distribute amongst the entries as they wish.  The entry with the most beans will get a prize – probably a basket of goodies!

Best Italian entry. Sponsored by the Event Staff. For this Italian event, bring your best Italian work!  Calligraphy, food, costuming, anything!  Prize will be wonderful, TBD.

Populace Performance Winner. Sponsored by Tree-Girt-Sea. We will find a way to gauge audience reaction to the performances.  The winner will get a prize!

Best late period embroidery (15th to 16th c). Sponsored by Mistress Crespine. The prize will be a hand-made, historically accurate embroidery kit, featuring the works of many fine artisans.  Everybody, get working on your embroidery projects now – this prize is going to be amazing.

Best novice effort at 16th century European Costuming. Sponsored by Mistress Crespine.  Prize TBD.

Best Period performance Challenge. Sponsored by Mistress Zsof. Perform a period piece of any kind.  Documentation preferred, even if it’s just on an index card. Prize TBD.

This Magic Moment Sponsored by Mistress Katherine.  The prize will be given to those persons, who, wittingly or unwittingly, create a moment that magically transports us back in time. It can be a performance, a demonstration of a craft, sitting quietly engrossed in a period activity, or conversing “forsoothly” with a friend.  Anyone of any age can win!  The prize will be a book of hours.

Animal Husbandry sponsored Abbot Johann.  Show off your animal
husbandry!  Prize is two dozen eggs AND dressed carcass of a bird of your
persona’s time period…OR 14th Century…to match HRM!

Best Historical Combat Entry sponsored by Master Patrick.  Special points for choosing an Italian master for this presentation! The prize will be a copy of the newly-printed translation of the recently-discovered Second Book of Niccolo Giganti.

Period Reproduction sponsored by Master Philippe de Lyon. The prize will be given to the best reproduction of a period artifact. Prize TBD

Best 14th Century Entry. Sponsored by King Cellach. Display  or demonstrate something that spreads 14th century culture. Prize TBD.

Educate and Inspire sponsored by Master Philip White. Demonstrate how you are sharing your art in a way that engages people in learning more about your chosen subject. Be educational! This could be through your display, documentation, class notes, and internet presence. Please share everything you are doing to help spread your research! Prizes include a gift card to help you spread your influence (printing too expensive? need display props?). Also included is SEO consulting (Search Engine Optimization) by Baroness Genoveva von Lübeck to help you get the most out of your blog posts. Further, Lady Gianna Vettori is on hand to help you with website consultation in building your first site or improving your current webpage.

Accessories Make The Outfit sponsored by Mistress Sarafina.  Accessories are what helps turn a costume into clothing. To that end, I am sponsoring a prize for the best historically accurate accessory to an outfit. Time period does not matter. Fanciness does not matter. Being documentable (bring references, please) and appropriate to the outfit (either worn or brought) will rule the day! Well-executed accessories MAKE an outfit complete.  Prize will be a basket of accessory-making supplies – linen, silk thread, leather, buckram, etc.

C&I Challenge Sponsored by Mistress Jocelyn.  The challenge will to make a scroll blank or reproduction of a period piece.  An extra prize will be given if the piece is in an Italian style during the 14th to 16th centuries.  Documentation can be as simple as a xerox copy of the original–listing place, time, and name of manuscript, or a label or index card listing the same information.  Prize will be a tote bag containing new scribal supplies.

Best Use of Dairy Products sponsored by Abbess Waldetrudis.  Prize will be a basket with a selection of her cheeses, and cheese making book.

3rd Annual Scribal Sandbox located upstairs in the science room–that means sinks and great tables!  Juice and cookies will be served and everyone is welcome to stop by, work (maybe on the Kingdom scroll challenge…) share your ideas, learn from others, see new books, and did we mention cookies?


Please contact Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza,  aka Jen Small,   jenrsmall AT yahoo DOT com for more information.