2015 Lunch

Please see the lunch menu below. Cooks are: Raphael Escoffier & David Lovely

Quiche Choice:

Spinach mushroom swiss
Brocc cheddar (onion)
Carm. onion Steak
Ham, asparagus, swiss 

Salad: Spring mix with walnuts, feta, raspberrry vinagrette or balsamic vinagrette 

Fruit Choice 

Drink Choice: Sakajabin or Soda or Water 


12th Night 2015

2015 Classes

Please contact the Class Coordinator list below if you are interested in teaching.  All teachers welcome.
Lord Dunstan Bramblette, mka Rob Hicks, darclan28 AT yahoo DOT com

List of Classes Below:

Times TBD

Class Title:  Death in the Middle Ages
Teaching:  Anne Stevenson / Mistress Giovanna Adimari
Time: 60 minutes

Description:  Coming Soon

Class Title: Period Stained Glass Basics
Teaching: CJ Miller / Brynn Herleifsson
Time: 60-90 minutes
See and learn about the tools and materials used in period stained glass work, how glass was cut, shaped, and assembled to make beautiful windows. This is not a hands-on class, but it will be especially useful to anyone familiar with modern copper-foil stained glass methods who wants to try more period work. Handout includes a number of “getting started” resources.

Class Title: GUDFR LQYLFWXV! Codes and Secret Communications
Teaching: CJ Miller / Brynn Herleifsson
Time: 30-60 minutes
Want to know how to send battle plans securely to other commanders? Want to express your love to someone without prying eyes? Come talk about how messages were hidden in period, and see some of the methods used. Learn how some of the codes were broken as well. Handout includes practice codes to break and quick methods/formulas you can use at war or home!

Class Title:  How to be a Baron / Baroness
Teaching: Baron Henry & Baroness Nadezda
Description:  Duties and Responsibilities of a landed Baron/Baroness”, come and learn from a landed baron/baroness just what it is they do.  Ask questions, get answers.

Class Title:  Scribal Class
Teaching:  Diane Dover
Description:  Coming Soon

Class Title:  Brewry Tour
Teaching:  Baroness Nadezda
Description:  Meet and walk over to the brewry $10 per person 40 person max

12th Night 2015

2015 Schedule

9:00 am Site Opens
Merchants Open (Gym 1st Flr) (until 4:00pm)
10:00am Classes & Scribal Sandbox Begin (3rd Flr)
A&S Activities - Craftsperson Fair & Laurel Prize Tourney(Ellenger Hall – Basement) (until 3:00pm)
10:15am Laurel Meeting (Room TBD)
11:00am Pelican Meeting (Music Room – Basement)
Noon Lunch (Fellowship Hall / Downstairs lunchroom – Basement) served until 1pm 

Craftsperson Fair & Laurel Prize Tourney – Laurel viewing & Judging until 2pm (Ellenger Hall – Basement)
12:15pm Chivalry Meeting (Music Room – Basement)
1:00pm Archery Bowling (Bowling Alley – Basement)
1:30 pm Performances for the Laurel Prize Tourney (Music Room – Basement) Must pick up all entries by 4pm
1:50pm Monster Parade Gathering (Gym – 1st Flr)
2:00 pm Ball (Fellowship Hall / Downstairs lunchroom – Basement) (until 4pm)
4:00 pm Merchants Close / Ball Ends / Bowling Ends
4:30 pm
Concert (Sanctuary – 1st Flr) (until 5:30)
5:30 pm Court (Sanctuary – 1st Flr)
6:30 pm Feast (Gym – 1st Flr)
8:00 pm Bardic Circle (Music Room – Basement) (until 9:45pm)
10:00 pm Site Closes


2015 – Craftspersons Faire & Laurel Prize Tourney

We are pleased to announce that we will once again have a Craftspersons Display and Laurel Prize Tourney at the Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night, January 17 2015.  Here’s how it works.

Setup starts at 10am

Laurel viewing and judging from 11:00 to 1:30pm

Performances for the Laurel Prize Tourney at 1:30pm in the Music Room

Pick up all Craftspersons’ Faire entries by 4pm

Craftspersons Faire

How do I enter? Send a message to Baroness Sarafina Sinclair, OL, OP (address below) before the event, letting her know the kind of display and how much space you need.  If it’s a performance, tell her that too.  We will be happy to have people show up on the day of the event to display as well, but providing advance notice ensures that we’ll have enough space and time for you.

What may I enter? You can bring finished works or works in progress. You can bring one thing, a whole display, or a body of work to show off. You can bring documentation or not.  This is an open-ended faire for you to display the work you’re proud of!

What about performances? Never fear, we will make sure there is a special concert/performance time for you.  We will have the Music Room available for a concert time.  We will make sure there are special prizes for the performers as well.

Laurel Prize Tourney

Laurels will sponsor specific challenges and award prizes for those who fulfill their challenges.  Laurels may also give prizes for general excellence that they see.  We will also have event-based prizes.  Pending approval of whatever dignitaries are holding court, we will call up the winners to receive their prizes in Court as well, so all can witness your achievements.  The list of challenges and prizes is below.  We will add to it as more challenges arrive.  Laurels – contact Sarafina (address below) if you want to offer a challenge and prize!


More information to follow.

Her Royal Majesty AnnMarie, Patroness of the Arts and Sciense – Best Domestic Use of Herbs

Philip White – Expanding your Expertise! Switch things up! If you are mostly a static artist, try your hand at a performance! If you are primarily a performer, try your hand at creating something! If you are mostly a researcher, make or perform what you are learning about! Stretch your limits and experience more of what we do within the Society. Trust me, it is fun and can bring you more joy in our game! I’ll be happy to share word fame (and grant a gift certificate) to the entrant who most embodies this challenge. Enjoy!

Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza – Best educational demonstration of period technique

Helewyse DeBirkestad –  Food best recreation of a pre 16th century dish Recipe and documentation strongly encouraged, taste test a must.   Prize – something ceramic

Helewyse DeBirkestad –  Ceramic- Best recreation of a pre 16th century pottery vessel.  Any culture. Documentation strongly encouraged.  Prize – something edible.”

Robyyan Torr d’Elandris – That thing that if it were dropped into its correct time and place in history would be least noticed as out of place.

Amelie d’Anjou – Best Troubador Song

Cerridwen verch Ioreword – Make the most of period sumptuary laws. This can be a meal (explanation or explar), clothing, gift given for special events, rights holiday celebration, whatever. The goal is to learn the sumptuary restrictions given to ones chosen art. Prize TBD.

Jocelyn of Lutterworth -  Execute period calligraphic letterforms in any medium EXCEPT pen, ink, and paper/vellum. (Examples: embroidery, glass, carving, painted panel, beadwork, etc).

Tacit Darby – Food from pictorial evidence:  For the best presentation of food (single or multiple dish) drawn from or inspired by a historical visual source (painting, woodcut, engraving, etc).  Please document with a copy of the pictorial source.

Christian Fournier – Marking the season:  To the artist or artisan who demonstrates a depth of knowledge of the significance or practices of the season and/or the winter festival (12th night, epiphany, or other non-Christian festival), within a historical time and place.  May be either an accompaniment to an object or performance, or may be a standalone piece of writing or extemporaneous speaking. Prize: hardcover copy of A Medieval Book of Seasons, by Maire Collins.

Waltrudis von Metten – Best use of dairy in any medium. Prize: 3 books – one on cheese history, one on cheese making, and a period source cookbook.

Aaron Drummond/Jadzia – Best New Performer. (To qualify, the performer should have started performing in public within the past year. Someone trying a new genre of performance could also qualify.) Prize: TBD

Crespine de la Valle – The Challenge: Best Use of the Principles of Natural Philosophy (or, Science, as we now call it).  ”Create an entry which uses a period understanding of mathematics, chemistry, medicine, astronomy or physics. Entries can be from any culture or time period within the scope of the SCA, in any form, even performance or written word, but any use of modern understanding or principles of science is disallowed.

Criteria: your entry must use at least one of the branches of natural philosophy and it must be your original work (not a copy of an artifact, though it may be of similar type to an artificat).

Documentation: Yes. I want to know how you know what you know, and how and why you did what you did. I want to know if your etching of the human vascular system represents period medical understanding (for whatever period you go for), and how you know that. I want to know if you used a calculator and calculus to accomplish something they used an abacus and algebra for.

The Prize: a sweet, state-of-the-art medieval computation device.

Bonus Prize: incorporate the event’s theme – “”A Medieval Bestiary”" into your entry and receive a rare and precious balm made from the fat of a virgin unicorn, guaranteed to restore or preserve youth, regrow hair, build muscle and character, and make you a better dancer.”


Send all questions to sarafina.sinclair@gmail.com

12th Night 2015

2015 Ball

Dance Instructor –  Lord Dunstan Bramblette aka Rob Hicks  darclan28 at yahoo dot com

Dance Sets
Set 1
Carolingian or Belle Qui Pavane
Jenny Pluck Pears
Rufty Tufty
Black Alman
Heralds in Love

Set 2
Rostiboli Gioioso
Petite Vriens
Gracca Amorosa

Set 3
Horse Bransle
Montarde Branle
Official Bransle
Pease Bransle

Set 4
Sellengers Round
Upon a Summer’s Day
Hearts Ease
Gathering Peascods

Set 5: Bonus Italian set  if there is time
Ballo Del Fiore
Saltarello La Regina
Bella Gioiosa


2015 Staff

Event Steward:
mka Ken Small
llamsnek AT gmail DOT com
Event Steward:
Lady Matilda Anne Stevyn Slyfield
mka Grace Strauss
ace711 AT sbcglobal DOT net
Lord Kevin Ambrozijwski
mka Kevin Purtell
krpurtell AT yahoo DOT com
Head Cook:
Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza
mka Jen Small
jenrsmall AT yahoo DOT com
Class Coordinator:
Lord Dunstan Bramblette
mka Rob Hicks
darclan28 AT yahoo DOT com
Merchant Coordinator:
Mistress Juliana Peri da Novellara
mka Julia Needlman
julianeedlman AT sbcglobal DOT net
A&S Coordinator:
Baroness Sarafina Sinclair
mka Harlie DesRoches
sarafina.sinclair AT gmail DOT com
Royal Liason:
Lady Phebe
mka PJ Reaney
reaneypj AT yahoo DOT com
Crash Space Coordinator:
TBD – Contact Event Stewarts
Lunch Coordinators:
Raphael Escoffier & David Lovely



2015 Feast Menu

Twelfth Night Feast Menu 

Ayreton’s Feast Favorites, A Cooks’ Collaboration


Assorted homemade breads (G, V)
Stuffed eggs (V)
Fava beans with Sauteed Apples and Onions (V)



Beef meatballs with bacon
Moroccan Spiced Tilapia
Savory cauliflower pies (G, V)



Composed winter Salad (V)
Spanish Roast Pork with Fig Sauce
Roast Chicken with Green Sauce (G)
Verze Sofegai (Sauteed Cabbage with Olive Oil and Garlic) (V)
Roman Noodles (Weezi Mac) (G, V)



Candied Ginger
Apple tarts (G)
Marzipan Cookies (G)


Sekanjabin syrups

V – vegetarian dish

G – contains gluten


2015 Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night – A Medieval Bestiary

Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night – A Medieval Bestiary

January 17, 2015

St. John’s Lutheran Church and School
4939 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641-1525

Site opens at 9am and closes at 10pm

  • Site Fee: Pre Reg  Adults $10 Children 6 to 13 $5 Children under 6 free Feast is $12. At the Door Adults $12 Children 6 to 13 $6
  • (Must show proof of membership to avoid surcharge, bring blue cards.)
  • Due to new kingdom law, everyone must sign in at gate.  Gate will close at 3:30pm
  • Breakfast will be available
  • Acceps available http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php


A&S activities



Monster Bowling





Youth Activities

Event Stewards: Ignatz (Ken Small, llamsnek at gmail dot com) and Matilda Anne Stevyn Slyfield (Grace Strauss,  ace711 at sbcglobal dot net)

Bardic Info

Bardic Circle–
Bardic invitation–I, Lady Margrett Norwoode, hereby invite all those of the bardic persuasion as well as all those who enjoy bardic performance to join me for the bardic circle at Tree-Girt-Sea’s Twelfth Night from 8pm to 10pm in the music room.
This will be a play, pick or pass format–we will go around the room in turn and each person will either perform or ask someone else to perform something–or can pass his/her turn at any time. There is no obligation to perform with this format so those who appreciate performance can come to listen as well.
The moderator especially loves historically informed performance but welcomes filk, original music, spoken word or any other bardic expression chosen by the performers.

Royal Service

Greetings travelers from the Royalty Liaison of Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night.

We are seeking retainers for Their Royal Majesties and Highnesses at the event as well as Guards for the Royalty Room throughout the day.

If you are new to Retaining this is perfectly fine, we will pair you with an experienced person who can help you to learn the ropes.

Equally important is the guarding of the Royal Chambers to secure those spaces. No experience is necessary.

I encourage you to show us your inner Dragon and let it shine through your service to the Dragon Throne.

Please visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1c4ej_8pDEwGgUNLd_d8OFo3NRsQW_BdlnxCjhVYG988/viewform to fill out the short simple form to submit your name to the list of those who will serve.

Draco Invictus!

THL Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen, O.D.H., A.P.F.

Royalty Liaison for Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night – L’Arte dell’ Italia