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Taken by: Jody Jones
Taken by: Rannvæig Ørraärmr Eskilskona (aka "Raven")
Greetings unto you from Their Royal Majesties Cellach and Vukasin, King and Queen of the great Middle Kingdom.

Within these pages you will find some infomation about us and a small amount of what We hold dear about this kingdom; for no book could ever be large enough to contain what is truly great about our kingdom and its vastly talented subjects.
Oct 5 Coronation at Red Dragon
Oct 12 Rendezvous at the Bridge
Oct 19 Crown Tournament
Nov 2 RUM and AEthelmearc Academy
Nov 9 Crystal Ball
Nov 16 A Day of Grand Tournaments
Dec 7 Christmas Toy Tourney
Dec 14 Yule Feast
Jan 4 Middle Kingdom Twelfth Night
Jan 11 Middle Marches 12th Night
Jan 18 Twelfth Night L'Arte dell'Italia
Jan 25 Festival of Maidens - TOC
Feb 1 Re-Christmas Tourney
Feb 8 Pentamere Academy of Defense
Feb 15 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Feb 22 Candlemas
Mar 1 Winters End
Mar 1 Masque of Courtly Love
Mar 9 - 16 Gulf Wars
Mar 22 Clancy Day
Mar 29 Terpsichore at the Tower
April 5 Martial RUM
April 12 Spring Training
April 19 Unicorn
April 26 Blackstone Raids
May 3 Coronation