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King Cellach

Taken by: Cerridwen verch loreword

Food Likes:
Meat. His Majesty will try just about any kind of meat. He is also partial cheese, wheat breads, fruit,
vegetables, mushrooms,and sweets.

For produce He prefers those which are currently in season.

Food Dislikes:
Brussel sprouts, they are like little
devil cabbages. Also, red apples and bananas.

No known food allergies

Beverage Likes:
Water, lemonade, sweet tea, fruit
juice (especially orange, apple, grapefruit), peppermint tea.

His Majesty does not drink alcohol very often but when he does he
prefers beer (especially Hoegaarden, Yuengling, and Guinness),
hard ciders, Riesling wines, and whiskey/bourbon/scotch.

Beverage Dislikes:
Coffee, super bitter/hoppy beer

Their Majesties

Taken by: Rannvaig Orraarmr Eskilskona (aka "Raven")
Their Majesties are in need of purple fret tokens and AOA circlets
Queen Vukasin

Taken by: Rannvæig Ørraärmr Eskilskona (aka "Raven")

Queen Vukasin protrays a 14th century Serb from near the Kosovo region.

Click Here to learn more about Her stylish persona

Food Likes:
Her Majesty likes all types of fruits and vegetables but prefers those that are in season. She also likes meat, cheese, bread, and sweets.

Food Dislikes:
Her Majesty dislikes bread pudding.

No known food allergies

Beverage Likes:
Her Majesty prefers water and tea (both hot and cold). She prefers floral tea to fruit. She also loves apple cider

Beverage Dislikes:
Her Majesty does not like coffee.

Her Majesty does not drink
ANY alcoholic beverages