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We give Our Thanks to...

Crown Tournament
Duchess Katherine for her wonderful Hospitality in hosting Us. We had a wonderful time at your beautiful home

Baroness Genrose and the Andelcrag Rangers for the beautiful Bows and Arrows. They are truly works of art and shoot very well

Ulf and Sarnat for the very tasty Almond Cake, it's a new favorite

Odette Diamboise for the incredible Lunch, especially the sausages

Failenn Brecc for the beautiful Embroidered Cup Cover, Her Majesty loves it

Anastasia of Flaming Gryphon for the beautiful Midrealm Trim

Viscountess Isabella Falcao deh Galinha for the amazing Heraldic Bags

Ian the Green for the handcut Feather Quill and Nibs. They will be very helpful

Rendezvous at the Bridge
Aritie Saurmotio for the beautiful Veil Pins and for the Gambling Swag

Gilchrist Monoghan for the very tasty Bread. It had a great crust, excellent taste, and wonderful crumb

Baroness Mor the Merry for the awesome Pater Nosters

The Marche of Tirnewydd and Barony of the Middle Marches for hosting Our Coronation. So many of you worked so hard to make the day absolutely incredible

Duchess AnneMarie for the beautiful Virtue Banners, they are really incredible works of art

Christina Weaver for her work on the amazing Virtue Garters, We know that they will long be treasured

Lloyd for the bottle of Dragon's Milk - We'll share it someday soon

Maggie O'Donnell for the beautiful Scroll Blanks

Helena Sibylla for the incredible Pale Woven Garters

Eric Jager for the amazing Dragon Belts, Quiver, and Pouch. Your belts are a wonderful tradition

The Barony of Fenix for the wonderful Gift Basket - especially the Roman Spoon and Tablet Weaving

Master Konrad Mailander for the beautiful Pewter Roses

The Barony of Brendoken for the fantastic Gift Basket - the bread was very, very tasty

Master Kjartan and Viscountess Isobel for the incredible Youth Craft and Game Bags

The Shire of Dernehealde for the amazing Scroll Blanks, Badges and Trinkets - your group is very skilled

Mistress Anna of the Western Hills for the very convincing Faux Jack - he looks just like the real Jack

Emine and Evhad for the tasty Local Wisconsin Food

Anna Mailander for the beautiful Midrealm Lucet Cord

Lewys Blackmore for the incredible Award Medallions and for coming through for Us

Kat Peregrine and Tetsuo Akira for the generous Largess, Fabric, and awesome Katana

Forester Merlin for the incredible Long Bow

Mya for the tasty Bottle of Mead

Gabriel for the bit of Chainmail from a long ago time - it is a very good reminder of simpler days

Rose Tournament
Kateline Eliot for the beautiful Temple Rings

The Order of the Rose for their many contributions for Our Largesse

Melee at Roswell
Dan Dan the Chainmail Man for fantastic Chainmail Dragon Charm

Barbara Webster for the amazing Woven Tokens

Harvest Day
Baroness Finepopla and Flaming Gryphon for their generous Gift Basket and Delicious Lunch

Mistress Alexis for the swanky Royal Coat and Hat

Mounted War Games
Kiltigern MacClibarn for the wonderful Guidance, Teaching, and Help on all things Equestrian and for letting Us ride her horse, Ace

Matheus Mac Tavish for his help with equestrian, but even more for being an amazing Chariot Driver

Gwendolyn and Sato for allowing Us to Ride their Horses

Maggie MacKeith for the delicious Lunch

Bailey the Pony for being the best Pony ever and for Pulling the Chariot for so many people

Siege at Harlech
Sir Byron and Baroness Ariella for the wonderful Hospitality and for opening their Castle for the event

Sir Alonzio and Mistress Alexandra dei Campagnella for their Company and for Hosting Us

Countess Alexandra of Clan Donald for seeing to Our Needs so well

Lady Brighid of the Red Spears for coming out to Play Music all day long, you really helped make feast very special

Mistress Gillian de Chyviot for the great Dragon Pattern and for rescuing some fabric that needed Dyeing

Swine and Roses
Master Grant and Lady Deborah for their amazing Hospitality - it was really and truly wonderful

Lady Giuliana Lucia Solari for her Work with the Hounds and for the Hound Themed Necklace and Needle Minder

Baroness Zafirah for the awesome Pig Bead Token

Lord Octavian for being such a good sport and for the great Travel Snacks, they were very tasty

Pennsic XLII
Master Eirik Dweorgaxe for the gift of Rattan We used to craft weapons to smite Our foemen

Gunnar Elftier for the lovely Ruby Ring, Her Highness loves it and wore it all War

Sven and Claudia for the tasty Sweet Rolls

Lady Elizabeth Arrowsmyth for the wonderful private class on Basket Making

Countess Noelle for the beautiful Notebook and sage like advice

Lady Heodez De Talento Minotto for her kind gift of Water, We were very well hydrated all Pennsic

Master Phillip the Pilgrim for the awesome Photo, it was very well done

Mistress Roewynne Langley for the Archery Lessons and fantastic Jelly.

Duke Talymar gan y Llwynn for his wonderful Hospitality, Beads, Tassels, a Stone from a Dragon Mountain

Their Excellencies Marcus and Eilis for the beautiful Dragon Pendant

Forrester Merlin for his very generous gift of beautiful Arrows, they fly very well

Gryffit Thorne for the Pewter Shot Glasses, they are exactly what We were looking for

Mistress Muriel de Chimay for the excellent Instruction on How to Fit Chauses

Bronwen Rose of Greyling for the beautiful Rose Enameled Belt Piece

Wilhelm Wulfhart for the delicious White Wine, it was very refreshing

Rose Marwen of Edgemeter for the amazing Fighter Largess, the kits are really amazing

Ciaran Raghallaigh for the tasty Liquor and for being THE MAN

Simple Day
Reinhold von Glier for the fantastic Bar Mace

The Barony of Sternfeld for their hospitality and for the wonderful Gift Basket

Caristonia Ainsle for the delicious Cordial

Coletter the Seamstress for the great Knitted Garters

Duke Palymar for the Stationary

Odette d'Amboise for the fantastic Lunch. Everything was very tasty, We especially liked the green eggs and ham

Mistress Rhiannon for the Stuffed Dragon. Her Highness played with it all weekend

Azemar for the beautiful Illuminated Cards and Box. The cards are truly a work of art

Uliam Ingelrie for the Lanterns you sneakily left on our porch

Forrester Merlin for the Arrows and for your friendship

The Roods for the gift card, it was really thoughtful

Baronial Border Wars
Licia de Sobari for the lovely Hound Pin

Dillon ap Dillon for the fantastic Handwoven Trim

Analise O'Callo and Earlson Rhal for the Necklace, Mead and Chainmal Bottle Decoration, all are very nice

Helena Sybilla for the fantastic Pale Tablet Woven bookmarks

Eva van Oldebroek for the pretty Rose Fan

Morgan di Wyn de Bird for the lovely Soaps and Salts

Istvan Valkai for the collection of Prayer Beads

Lady Malise for the wonderful Beaded Bookmarks

Master Bjorn and Mistress Alliken for the beautiful Ceramic box and Napkins

Oswin Elderkin for the lovely Green Bead, Amber bead, and Chain necklaces

Baroness Zaynab for the fantastic Wire Woven Bracelets

Aemiliana Grimkellsdottir for the tasty Ice Wine and Chocolate

Sir Gregoire for the awesome Coronet Bottle Opener

North Oaken War Maneuvers
TRM Maynard & Liadain, King & Queen of AEthelmearc for your friendship and the gracious gift basket

THL Elizabeth Alles for the Pink Duck

Populace of the Barony of Cleftlands for the Gift Basket that was left in the Royal Cabin

Uthan Laoch for the Bow Stringer

Brighid Bhreathnach for Organizing a tasty Royalty Lunch

Event Kitchen Staff for making such a wonderful feast

Lady Jolicia for doing excellent service in seeing to the needs of Royalty

Wulfgar, Ginevra, Snowden, Gianna, and their staff for all of the hard work and diligence that went into putting on such a wonderful event

Push for Pennsic
Lady Melinda for preparing the royalty lunch, it was delicious

Lord Ragnar of Birka for helping Push run smoothly

Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage for all of her help and advice

Captain Arturos Bear & Lady Mughain nic Cairt Ciannact for the wonderful carved drinking horn, and the many beautiful scroll blanks

House Bohaterski & Syr Cadogan for the amazing Raspberry Krupenik, Chevril, and Star Anise

Baroness Finepopla the Brewer and Syr Gunnar for the Norse beads, torque, and leather garters

Josh Frost for the amazing chess board

Felicia Daniels for the Decorated Candles

Sorca Drac and Brigita Gescheid for the Stoneware goblet pair

Birna of Orkney for the utensil carriers

THL Cristiana de burgh for your amazing cookies

Philip the pilgram for the butter roasted pecans

Galin Ridleye for your gift of handmade soap

Crown Tourney
Emine bint Istani for her service as personal trainer and life coach

Count Alaric for the wonderful bowl and reminder to strive to be "a good knight and true"

Duke Palymar for the soil from his recent campaign

Thank you to the Shire of Greyhope for hosting the Spring Crown Tournament and A&S Faire

Their Majesties Lucien and Catarina for allowing Us to fight in Their tournament as well as for the wonderful gift basket