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Learn more about Vukasin
Vukasin protrays a 14th century Serb from near the Kosovo region.

The traditional dress includes a long sleeved shirt and either a knee length skirt for women or knee length pants for men. Both sexes would wear tall socks covering the whole calve. Both sexes would also wear a woven belt and an embroidered vest. Women would wear a decorated apron as well. Head coverings were worn by both sexes, hats for men and a long scarves for women. Embroidery colors and themes varied on region in Serbia. Geometric and vegetative themes were popular in the Kosovo region and in the mountains to the north. In this region bold colors were often used on the shirts for decoration as well as aprons. Vests were more often decorated with gold or silver with colors as accents. The website below also gives more information on the clothing.


Many garments were destroyed in the wars preceding the 19th century but the churches were protected. Inside the churches a long with the burial finding are fantastic frescoes and other paints of the royalty and saints throughout Serbian medieval history. Many of the royal garments were destroyed and there are few fragments left to tell of the fabrics and design elements. Fortunately these frescoes give excellent examples of how the garments were designed and the decorative elements used.

Besides the clothing Serbia has rich tradition of oral history and of music, dance and food.

The websites below is a good place to start for more information on all of those topics. The Serbia Orthodox Church also has rotating historical exhibits they post online which can be great for finding out more information.

http://www.srpskoblago.org/ -overall culture

http://balkania.tripod.com/resources/history/battle_of_kosovo.html -example of epic poetry

http://www.serbia.travel/about-serbia/typically-serbian/food/ -food

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPgRaxEm_TU -dance