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Office of the Webminister

Duchess AnneMarie de Garmeaulx
(Tracy DeGarmo)
103 Village Place Dr
Chelsea, MI 48118
(734) 475-8090 (home)

Archive of Pale Letters

Clip Art and Articles

From the Kingdom Chronicler's page:

Wikimedia as a Source for Images

Please take a moment and review the following statement on Wikimedia from the Society Publications Manager.

As Wikimedia does not provide 'any warranty regarding the copyright status or correctness of licensing terms', images from that site cannot be used directly on SCA websites and in SCA publications. Images from stock photography or clip art services can continue to be used as long as all the terms of usage listed are met and the source is credited.
-- Society Publications Manager

Clarification from the Society Webminister on Wikimedia

I want to take a moment -- this does not mean you cannot use Wikimedia as a resource, you have to use it differently than you may have in the past. You cannot simply take 'their word for it' about the copyright status or correctness of licensing terms. If there is content you would like to use and can acquire permission(s) for the content, no worries.

i.e -- Don't pull an image directly from Wikimedia and slap it on the site.

Here is Wikimedia's statement plus the link, if you would like to review it:
Wikimedia's statement (from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Reusing_content_outside_Wikimedia):

'While the copyright and licensing information supplied for each image is believed to be accurate, the Wikimedia Foundation does not provide any warranty regarding the copyright status or correctness of licensing terms. If you decide to reuse files from Commons, you should make your own determination of the copyright status of each image just as you would when obtaining images from other sources.'

MK Webminister Policies

N.B.: The MK Webminister's Policies has been updated with a clarification regarding "special interest" pages/sites, their Webministers and Webministers-at-Large.

Download your copy of the MK Webminister's Policies. Yes a link has been included in the Online Report, as well.

A word about warrants

I will be updating and listing a new Warrant Roster after the Feb 15 reporting deadline.
Webministers, if your name and/or group or site does not appear on this list, you are not warranted.

Reporting Dates Change

Regarding reporting dates, please note: Starting with the Domesday Report in 2011, there will be new reporting dates. This will bring the reporting schedule inline with the current schedule I have to follow in reporting to Corporate/Society.

Branch Reporting Dates
February 15th (Domesday/ 1st Quarter)August 15th (3rd Quarter)
May 15th (2nd Quarter)November 15th (4th Quarter)
Regional Reporting Dates
February 25th (Domesday/ 1st Quarter)August 25th (3rd Quarter)
May 25th (2nd Quarter)November 25th (4th Quarter)

New Permissions Forms

The following comes to us from the Publication Manager's office via the Kingdom Chronicler. Please make note of this and let's get a jump on compliance, shall we?

These [new] forms apply to Chroniclers and Webministers alike. We MUST use them by January 1, 2011, but you are welcome to start using them immediately. Actually, I would strongly encourage you to begin using them immediately, as long as they are available. Please share the forms on down the line to all of your locals.

Please destroy any blank copies you may have in your files of the previous forms.

For articles, photos, etc. that you have used up to now, you're fine. You don't have to go back to hunt down contributors to have them fill out the new forms.

In order to take advantage of the "fillable" forms, you will need to have installed Adobe's Acrobat Reader.


As Webministers, communication is the main key to our jobs. To this end, we now have available to us various forms of communication to connect with each other. At this point in time, none of these are "official" avenues of communication but they are available as means of asking questions, brainstorming for ideas and such.

A word about reports - Maintaining Warrants

The Quarterly and Domesday reports are necessary for maintaining your warrants.

This is in compliance with Kingdom Law XVI-1000:

  • "The failure to send in required reports can be held to serve as a resignation from office by the Great Officer of State that the office reports to. Resignation from office is without prejudice."

How this affects those Webministers who have failed to comply is:

No reports = no warrant = no official recognition for site.

Not having an officially recognized site means that you have no protection provided by this office or SCA, Inc. for the website(s) you maintain. It also means that your site(s) can not be recommended for the William Blackfox Web Awards.

Steps to Become Warranted

For those Webministers who have been in office for any length of time or for groups with a newly created Webminister position, please fill in the Active Officer section on the right hand side of the form. Then, have at least your group's Seneschal (or your superior, in cases of Officers' pages) sign it. This is the "proof" that you are recognized as the official Webminister for your group or for the office.

For new Webministers who are taking over the office, please make sure that you have the outgoing Webminister (if they are available) fill in the Resignation section (the left side of the form), with your information filled in under the Acting Officer section.

If anyone has any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me.

Webminister Administration

Branch Webministers Report Schedule
Feb 15 (Domesday/Q1), May 15 (Q2), Aug 15 (Q3), Nov 15 (Q4)

Online Report Form

All quarterly & Domesday reports go to the Kingdom & Regional Webminister.

Copies of your report should also go to:

  • Group Seneschal
  • Baronial Webminister - if part of a Barony
  • Baronial Seneschal - if part of a Barony
  • Regional Webminister
Webminister-at-Large Report Schedule
Feb 15 (Domesday/Q1), May 15 (Q2), Aug 15 (Q3), Nov 15 (Q4)

Online Report Form

All quarterly & Domesday reports go to the Kingdom & Regional Webminister.

Regional Report Schedule
Feb 25 (Domesday/Q1), May 25 (Q2), Aug 25 (Q3), Nov 25 (Q4)
Kingdom Report Schedule
Feb 15 (Annual Report), Mar 1, Jun 1, Sep 1,
Dec 1
Regional Webministers
Gunbjorn of Mynydd Seren
(Dennis Pund)
4620 South St Rd 446
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 837-9190
Constellation Webminister
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Yamamura Kitsune
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(331) 684-8447
Midlands Webminister
Midlands Website
Oaken Webminister
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Pentamere Webminister
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