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Warranted Webministers

This is the current list of Warranted Webministers as of 1 May 2010. Warrants expire 31 July 2012, or upon webminister's resignation or removal from office.

Remember, if you miss a report, your warrant gets suspended.

The reason I require a quarterly report is to let me know that you are still actively maintaining your group's or Officer's website/webpage. Without this report I have no way of knowing if your group's published information is current and correct.

If you are not listed here, it means something is missing from my records.

Partial Update 12 June 2012

Constellation | Midlands | Oaken | Pentamere

Branch Webministers
Gunbjorn Constellation Region
Two (2) groups have not reported
Mulrian of Afonlyn Shire Afonlyn
Jean Paul Pierrepont Shire Dragon's Vale
Quenild of MerciaShire Greyhope
Christoph of Mynydd SerenShire Mynydd Seren
Katarina Helene von Schönborn Shire Narrental
Duncan Sinclair Shire Qal 'at Ja'far
Arrantxa Idazle Iruñekoa Barony Rivenstar
Bastyaen Winter Shire Riviere Constelle
Kenneth le LeicheShire Steren Codha
Antonio BelliniBarony Sternfeld
Lilith of the Northern WoodsBarony White Waters
Yamamura Kitsune Midlands Region
Five (5) groups have not reported
Rory mac Feidhlimdh Shire Baile na Scolairi
Thorfinn FriskenShire Blackhawk
Ates EjderhasiDark River
Duncan BrambletteBarony Ayreton
Sarafina SinclairShire Grey Gargoyles
Philippa of Otterbourne Kingdom Chatelaine
Rokkehealden, Canton
Allison Renee of Roseholm Barony Illiton
Mihri Deniz YetimKingdom MOAS
Shire Ravenslake
Elv av Tiden, Proto-Incipient
Katerina MacMolan College St. Carol on the Moor
Malina an Eich Gil Barony Shattered Crystal
Aimhirghin Uí hUiginnSwordcliff, Shire
AgnarrTyr JohansonOaken Region (N. & S.)
Four (4) groups have not reported
Brighid BreatnachBarony Brendoken
Milica of VarnaMarche Alderford
Minamoto ShinsetsuCanton Gwyntarian
Edward of ThornCanton Thistle
Gyles of WendelburyMarche Three Towers
Mathilda HarperCastell Gwent
Milesent VibertBarony Cleftlands
Gianna Vettori,
(was Nicolette Vettori)
Shire Eastwatch
Kateline EliotShire Falcon's Quarry
Ulric von TrommelBarony Middle Marches
Morgan De'AthCanton Border Keep
Finnseach de LocheilShire Dernehealde
Sidoney Elizabeth MorganShire Mugmort
Alliette MinoufletMarche Tirnewydd
Godfrey ThackerBarony Red Spears
Donal O'Conchobhair Canton Catteden
Gulharr of Hróðgeirsfjörðr Canton Hróðgeirsfjörðr
Margherita di Raffaele Marche of the Marshes
Genvevieve de Saint-Malo Shire Rivenvale
Azrael the Lanky Shire Aurea Ripae
Renessa of DragonsmarkShire Dragonsmark
Rognvaldr inn Laeknir Barony Fenix
AEiric OrvenderBarony Flame
Lancelin Peregrinus Barony Flaming Gryphon
Ædric LambertCanton Norborough
Kateline CroweCanton Unicorn
Richard vanUtrecht Pentamere Region
One (1) group has not reported
Celestria de Cranham Shire of Altenberg
Rowan of Wind-tree TowerBarony of Andelcrag
Vladislav DragomirCanton DunTraigh
Oweyn ap Tegwaret ab UrienCanton Rimsholt
Tiberius AlexanderCanton Three Hills
Kenneth of Three WallsCanton Three Walls
Seana of WestmereCanton Westmere
Aaron Drummond Barony Cynnabar
Thorny Bodvarskona Barony Donnershafen
Aindle O'Diarmada Barony North Woods
Weald Lake, Incipient Canton
Pentamere MoY/SCA Kids
Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza Ealdnordwuda, Canton
Caitilin LoganRiding Hawkland Moor
Taran mac Lochlain Barony Roaring Wastes
Malcolm MacMuirdeigh Canton Brackendelve
Sigmund der Schwarze von WolfhaldenShire Starleaf Gate
Sarah of StormvaleShire Stormvale
Reyna ThorneShire Talonval
Webministers At-Large
Genoveva von Lubeck Kingdom Seneschal
AgnarrTyr JohansonKingdom Special Projects Deputy
Ailith the KindRoyal University of the Midrealm (RUM)
Erik Erikson the ScoutKingdom Chirurgeon
35-foot Spear (for Combat Archery)
Finnseach de LocheilGuild Withie & Woolmongers
Gaius Titus AquilaShire Talonval Deputy
Hiordis Ragnarsdottir Canton Rimsholt Deputy
Escutcheon Herald
Zygmunt NadratowskiMK Squires
Branch Webministers Report Schedule
Feb 15 (Domesday/Q1), May 15 (Q2), Aug 15 (Q3), Nov 15 (Q4)

Online Report Form

All quarterly & Domesday reports go to the Kingdom & Regional Webminister.

Copies of your report should also go to:

  • Group Seneschal
  • Baronial Webminister - if part of a Barony
  • Baronial Seneschal - if part of a Barony
  • Regional Webminister
Webminister-at-Large Report Schedule
Feb 15 (Domesday/Q1), May 15 (Q2), Aug 15 (Q3), Nov 15 (Q4)

Online Report Form

All quarterly & Domesday reports go to the Kingdom & Regional Webminister.

Regional Report Schedule
Feb 25 (Domesday/Q1), May 25 (Q2), Aug 25 (Q3), Nov 25 (Q4)
Kingdom Report Schedule
Feb 15 (Annual Report), Mar 1, Jun 1, Sep 1,
Dec 1
Regional Webministers
Gunbjorn of Mynydd Seren
(Dennis Pund)
4620 South St Rd 446
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 837-9190
Constellation Webminister
Constellation Web
Yamamura Kitsune
(Keena Gray)
1931 School House Ln
Aurora, IL 60506
(331) 684-8447
Midlands Webminister
Midlands Website
North Oaken:
Finche Odhinnsdottir
(Judith Winner)
50 Mound Street
Athens, OH 45701-1639
North Oaken Webminister
South Oaken:
Sgt. Æiric ørvender
(Chris Lemke)
312 High Street
Vine Grove KY 40175
502-939-8078 (Please leave a voice mail)
Oaken Webminister
Alexander Medeley
(Davan Etelamaki)
Midland, MI 48640
Pentamere Webminister
Pentamere Website