On January 5, 2013 the Barony of the White Waters held it's annual Arts and Sciences competition

We had several members of the populace enter their fine exhibits.  We had cordials, bread, woodworking, weaving, garb, food and entertainment.  It was a tough choice, but both the populace and her Excellency selected the same winner.  Lady Lilith of the Northern Wood won by doing one entry from each Division.  Congratulations Lady Lilith!  Hoobah!

In 2013 Our Baroness and A&S Champion will select a challenge for next years competition.  Please check back for more details.  

To see a detailed explanation of the items please visit the Midrealm website. http://www.midrealm.org/moas/AandScompetition.php.   When you click on the link you will leave this site and be transported to the Midrealm site. (Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Middle Kingdom A&S Criteria.  Then click on the Criteria button.)

Each Division includes a miscellaneous category, which should be used if your entry doesn't fit well into an existing category.

Criteria Selection
Division I - Performance Division II - Textile Division III - Technological

Bardic Recitation

Dance: European

Dance: Non-European

Demonstrating Period Activities

Dramatic Performance


Miscellaneous Performance Arts

Music Performance: Mixed Ensemble

Music Performance: Percussion

Music Performance: String

Music Performance: Vocal

Music Performance: Wind

Original Choreography: European

Play Writing


Riding Performance: Equestrian


Applied Bead Work: Costume

Applied Bead Work: Embroidery


Costume: 1101-1350

Costume: 1351-1450

Costume: 1451-1600

Costume: 600-1100

Costume: Accessories

Costume: Children

Costume: Non-European

Costume: Single Component



Knotted Work

Lace Making

Miscellaneous Textile Arts

Needlework: Counted Thread

Needlework: Free Form

Needlework: Miscellaneous


Weaving: Loom

Weaving: Tablet

Weaving: Tapestry and Rugs

Armor: Mail

Armor: Non-Metal

Armor: Plate


Instrument Making: Strings, 600-1450

Iron Working & Toolmaking

Miscellaneous Technological Sciences


Siege Engines - Scale

Skeletal Materials


Wood Construction - Joinery

Wood Embellishment

Wood Turning

Division IV - Studio Division V - Domestic

Bead Work: Free Form



Ceramics & Pottery

Decorative Metalwork


Glass Work: Blown

Glass Work: Lampwork Beads

Glass Work: Other

Glass Work: Stained



Leather Work

Miscellaneous Studio Arts & Sciences


Paper Making

Sculpture & Stone Carving

Animal Accouterments

Animal Husbandry

Brewing & Vintning: Beer, Ale, Lager

Brewing & Vintning: Specialty Beverages

Brewing & Vintning: Wine & Mead

Cooking: Illusion Foods

Cooking: Multiple Dish

Cooking: Multiple Dish: Preserve

Cooking: Single Dish

Cooking: Single Dish: Preserve

Herbcraft and Apothecary

Miscellaneous Domestic Arts & Sciences

Toy Making