This month we are honored to feature David Gillam

Caleb Killian the Far-trekker

Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Caleb was always big for his age and took to fighting as a duck to water. The only thing he took as naturally to was drink, unfortunately, and much of his (misspent) youth was a repeated cycle of public brawls, public duels, and hard labor to pay for the fines resulting from such. As such he was tasked as a bodyguard to his cousin for a trip to Rome, where the cousin sought to become a priest. (as much to get him away from trouble as to give his cousin a competent bodyguard) But Rome was expensive, and lively, and young Caleb soon found himself back in the same bad cycle, and sold to a caravan as a guard to pay for his debts and fines from too many public brawls.

From there, Young Caleb traveled the world with traders. From crossing Europe to his travel of the Silk Road several times, going all the way to China, and even the Island of Xu, beyond it, there were few places of the known world Caleb hadn’t traveled to. Upon returning to Constantinople, he found war was brewing. (The first crusade) While not overly religious, nor particularly loyal to the Church, Caleb heard these heathen Arabs had forbidden alcohol, a sin that simply could not be allowed to stand unpunished. And he was quite skilled in such “punishment” as the Church called for.

For his service and ferocity in combat, he was granted a freehold in Ireland, near Kirkaldy and his sword-master, Lord Victor Vukar. Having met the younger Kirkaldy lady, Lady Anna, while visiting Lord Vukar, the usual romancing happened, and a marriage came of it.

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